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Over the past few days, there has been quite an uproar over the banning of Liquicity - in this case, rightfully so.  As a moderation team, we often function in the moment, clearing out reports or addressing concerns.  As we each exist in different timezones, and have different availability, occasionally the feedback to and from each other occurs on a delay.  We do talk internally, and we attempt to temper our own hot spots when it happens.  Each one of us has different things that we have our own biases against, and come down on them a bit harder than others.  95% of the time, we agree with the actions of each other, as we've been working together for (it seems strange of me to use the word) years now, and have a pretty good measure of each other.

I cannot speak for admin, however, he is someone that takes - rightfully so - an immense amount of pride in this game.  After this patch, a lot of the feedback threads were flooded with criticisms not of the game, but of the developers themselves.  After some discussion - delayed due to timezones and work schedules, there was some heavy-handedness that we agreed should be pulled back on.

This is a two-way street, however.  Please be sure that in feedback threads to focus on ideas, not people.  Recall that sayings in some cultures do not translate to others.  Please be cognizant of the amount of work that goes into each patch, and frankly, the long hours.  I can tell you this much - the development team of this works a lot during the day, and then comes on to handle feedback morning and night - even sometimes weekends.

With that said, please continue to give good feedback on how to improve things, what things need more polish, and of course, enjoy this Armistice Day weekend.

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