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Naval Action Future Idea's

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Ideas for the future of Naval Action.

The game should have 3 different aspects.

1. Trading
The main goal of this function is to make a profit. 
The more profit the more experience you earn. This experience can be put in skills / perks. 
If you have a certain amount of experience, you unlock a bonus skill that gives you 10% more value to your goods.

2. Battle
The main purpose of this function is mainly to do naval battles. This function concerns the current fight against players or NPC.

3. Adventure
The main purpose of this function is to discover! Throw the rest of the world and go out! Discover new cities. 
Make sure all cities on the map are cleared and make sure that players have to go to it to see them on the map. 
So that every player draws his own folder.
For example, there is also an Achievement or painting for Historical sites that you can trade for money or something.

These things would make Naval Action so much more then just the game it is now.
It would add so much that there is a huge player base that likes this.

Please just give opinions or your Ideas but do not go full flame fashion or be a jerk.

These are my ideas and just a suggestion.
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Well in battles of port to be able to use the forts, and also to send them orders when you do pvp near them or pve, and hopefully implement the battles in the collisions, nothing of statistics, but fight with your crew style black flag and power The subject of the descent of the ships, going ashore, looking for treasures, etc., fighting on land

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I would also suggest adding Diplomacy and politics to the game aspects.

some time ago I thought about how this could be implemented. 

I also made a posts about reworking conquest system and shipwreck mechanic.


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