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Remove the Teleport charge  

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  1. 1. Remove the Teleport charge

    • Remove Doubloons for Teleport to/from your ports - dont punish players who can't spend hours in combat
    • Charge is fine stop whinging mate

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Apologies if this has already been posted but I am annoyed at the teleport charge. As a crafter I need to bounce between my various ports for resource crafting and checking/setting up contracts etc. I have no issue with having to sail the resources out. My time is fairly limited during the week so I like to pop on, craft/build etc and then sail my resources once or twice a week to my crafting hub. I know many players are reporting generating plenty of doubloons from in game combat V Ai and other players and I realise its only 10. However, I think its more of a quality of life thing - should you have to pay to move to your various bases for what are essentially admin activities designed to support the combat activities? 


***bumped to put it back on the forum main page****   **** please vote!!!!*****



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