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17 hours ago, Old Crusty said:

Since you are a cheerleader for Admin and Game-Labs you will probably be rewarded.

So because someone has a different point of view to you then they are a cheer leader of admin??

Looking at your posts, you seem to want to be in the naughty boys club....

Your straw polls in a limited forum of extreme views, mean nothing other than allow people to have their pitch fork moment.

Constructive criticism is the way to go.


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13 hours ago, Silfarion said:

I'm gonna stress again, that both admin and the moderating staff have themselves said that they make mistakes like any normal person would. All I'm saying is that they be held to the same standard they hold the players to, by having some transparent accountability when they make mistakes. I honestly don't think this is a huge thing to ask.  

The accountability is generally to each other.  We communicate in private a lot to determine how to handle things, and we do ask each other for thoughts as to how to best handle something.  If we think something is not handled well, we discuss that too. 

So, how do you effect change in how things are done?  Essentially, you volunteer.  If you have a reputation for a level head and not being a troll, and you don't freely associate with trolls, you might be someone worth considering adding to the moderation team.

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Moderation actions are not transparent but all abide by the rules established by GameLabs.

There's no neon signs saying this or that individual got warned.

Accept that it works.

Remember, majority of NA players are playing the game, testing, adapting to the project evolutiona and not the least interested in colluding with forum drama. This is a fact. A undeniable fact.

Honest, clear and purposeful posts never ever had any counter measures.




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