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The Mortar Officer perk is a definite requirement when operating a mortar brig and it costs 2 perk points, but the problem is the perk reset permit costs 200 dubloons, so in order to participate in a port battle in the mortar brig you are looking at a minimum outlay of 400 dubloons to operate the mortar brig and then change back to your normal perks, or go around gimped with your perks when not using a mortar brig.

Either drastically reduce the cost of a perk reset to maybe 20 dubloons or make the mortar officer perk into a permanent mod that can be installed on a mortar brig maybe at a one off cost of 200 dubloons.

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Even better can they be update so that combat perks are effective by your combat rank and crafting by your crafting rank.  So that you can set a char up to do both if your master crafter level 50 and RA you should have 10 points in both to spend.  Shouldn't have to change all the time just to go from craftting to combat.

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What about removing that ridicules OP perk and make forts/Towers harder to kill? Firing 4 balls from 2 cannons, seriously wtf!? Where are the guys always looking for more realism when you need them.. 🤣
Mortars are used for PvP in OW now, and if enemy is using line ships it can be very effective..! 

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