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John Jacob Astor

New UI - Display Resource Costs / Labor Hours from Blueprint Link

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Sorting out what stuff actually costs may be unnecessarily difficult for newer players.  It used to be possible to tease this out of the old UI without actually having the building in port.

The blueprint window calls the resource collection window.  It currently shows labor hours available but does not display any calculations unless a building is present.

My suggestion:  Allow this to display calculations even if collection is not available.  This will allow players considering contract offers to readily  look up what the resource actually costs in both Reals and labor without having to own the building in the port they are visiting.



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8 hours ago, Phaserburn said:

This was the same as before. You need at least 1 for the value of LH to be there.

I'm talking about compared to the old UI.  There was no live calculation.  But opening the production in the old UI tab displayed what the building produced and what it required.  Of course you had to do your own math to get to a per unit cost but at least you could get at something to work with.

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