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JSON looking thing keeps showing up

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thats what on the page




after f5


Windows 8.1

Browser: Chrome

       Google Chrome is up to date

       Version 70.0.3538.77 (Official Build) (64-bit)
I have JSON Formatter extension installed if that would help you


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Something has definitely changed with the forum in concert with W10.  All of a sudden I started getting boxed popup notifications in Windows from this forum, and then a list of them in the Action Center.  I had changed nothing, and I have W updates off.  But I was able to turn off the popup notifications in the Settings menu.  I think they're still showing up in the Action Center, not on that computer right now to check though.  Might've been an update to forum software or something.  Your errors above have to do with notifications.

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6 minutes ago, admin said:

any screens?

we recently updated ssl certificates so forum shows as secure in the http bar (not not secure)


meme collection is not secure. I have other forum sections open and they are SECURE. Tavern page is also secure.


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6 minutes ago, Beeekonda said:

I was using it fine too until that stuff started appearing time to time

About the same time as you, based on OP timestamp, I went afk and had some code for notifications on screen instead of the website when I got back. Just one line of code. Refreshed and page came back, did not think much of it. Chrome.

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