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Terrain of Thoroughfare Gap, Virginia

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I have stayed away from playing the Federal side until the last several days - just out of principal.  Upon seeing the game map of Thoroughfare Gap, Virginia, (battle fought here during Longstreet's passage to assist Stonewall Jackson), I was surprised at the difference from reality.  There is a long north-south ridge of foothill which is very difficult to traverse except thru the gap, and the ridge is called the Mountains of Manassas for good reason.  To get around this narrow easily-defended pass, one of the troops who had lived in the local area told of a hog path across the rocky sharp ridge about 6 miles north of the Gap.  This Soldier led Law's brigade north to that path location and back down south to take the cavalry defenders from behind and force open the Gap passage-way - which is depicted in this game battle.  Without the knowledge of the terrain, one would not know why Law comes from where he does, nor the importance of this movement.

I had the great fortune of living in Manassas for 4 years and know Thoroughfare Gap from having traveled thru it on I-66 many times on the way over to Front Royal, VA, to visit relatives.   :D


1 - Longstreet's_troops_in_Thoroughfare_Gap.jpg

1 - TFG Map.png

1 - Chapman s Mill  before fire in TGF a2a79a2cf7e83d4360ae4af71fa442ea.jpg

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