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New ship found

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Viking ship found using georadar

The archaeologists have used a motorized georadar in Jellhaugen. The technology was developed by NIKU in collaboration with various international partners, organized by the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Archeological Forecasting and Virtual Archeology (LBI ArchPro).

The Viking ship finds today just below the ground of about. half a meter deep and records the data as a large, clear ship-like structure within a larger circle. It is probably only the traces of the central part of the ship that are now visible through georadar, while severe and severe forces seem to be gone.

This can be one of the largest ships found

The impression of the ship at Viksletta is itself 20 meters long. For comparison, the Oseberg ship is 21 meters long, the Gokstad ship is 23 meters and the Tuneskipet is 19 meters long.

Archaeologists still have to find a safe date, but ships that are part of the funeral finds are well known from the beginning of the Iron Age. 500-1030. All other major ship discoveries from the Oslo fjord area date back to the Viking Age (800-1030).

"When we only see the bottom part of the ship, it means that at best we can end up with a ship that is at least as large as other Norwegian Viking ship finds, which is probably one of the most important ship discoveries of this period," Hanisch said. .


Norwegian original source: https://www.ostfoldfk.no/nyheter/vikingskipsfunn-i-ostfold.103691.aspx

Another article in english: https://www.theguardian.com/science/2018/oct/15/viking-ship-burial-discovered-in-norway-just-50cm-underground

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