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The (almost) forever war. Pirates vs Prussia

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2 hours ago, Palatinose said:

Aves is a must have oupost. The happy Antilles family is waiting for you :)

After a Shoppingtour in Gustavia, sverige coastguards tried to hunt us down... but too slow or not enough skill to catch us, same like in the good old days, when island harbor or hat island was a freetown. 


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Fake news

I’ve never seen any but legend has it you hear them before you see them, old sea dogs in taverns have often said it sounds like weee uuuu weee uuuu, and it comes with the fog.

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17 hours ago, Elric said:

The biggest casualty in all of this are the newer pirate players who seem to be constantly ganked by Prussians (Black Sails and others) - and other nation players.  For some reason Prussia (Banished) seems to be of the opinion stopping new pirate players from crafting and trading by taking as many pirate ports as possible is good for the game....  it is not.   The recent attacks on pirate ports barely matters for the tenured pirate players - few of us ever spend time in the Mortimer area - it just hurts the casual and new players.


Hey Elric, explain me pls, how can I see in ow, if the enemy is curse or a marauder? If I see an ow battle, I can only see the BR! Sure, sometimes there is only a low rank pirate in my battles, but I don’t care. It’s an enemy player. I also attack players in basic cutter( best smugglership ever), doesn’t matter if recently killed or not! PVE Pirates are ganking trader brigs with bellona and other big ship, when I jump in this battle, they called me ganker!😂 so, what is wrong with you guys around MT? Sometimes, I think, I m more pirate in Prussian nation, then I was in pirate nation. It’s kind of economic warfare, if you are on the hunt at trading routes. It’s not a problem from new or low rank players, most of them are fighting brave till the end, without crying in chats. It’s a problem from old players or high rank players, sometimes they sailing afk, sometimes indiamanfleet without cannons, sometimes undercrewed or without any repairs or rum. After they lost their ships and cargo, start crying in nation or global chat.🤔

But again, it’s not my fault!













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4 minutes ago, Banished Privateer said:

Sorry @Hethwill the Harmless, Devs made pirate nation "easy" with safezone and no outlaws while Prussia is the hardcore one. We have no rights to attack their players or take their ports because it hurts pirate newbies the most!

It's ironic, but I would recommend Prussia to a newb before I'd suggest for them to go to Brit or Pirate.  IMHO, Brit and Pirate are the "hardest" nations in the game.

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59 minutes ago, Cabral said:

 Ironically, in the nation to choose panel, says Britain is easy.

I think the US is Very Easy which is hilarious cause if you go US you will always get trashed.

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1 hour ago, Nelsons Barrel said:

Every difficulty word ingame means the opposite. Just think about the word 'safezone'...

Its never been named ‘safezone’ its allways been reinforcement zone, safe zone is just the therm players call it because they expect it to be 100% safe

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12 hours ago, Salty Sails said:

After a Shoppingtour in Gustavia, sverige coastguards tried to hunt us down... but too slow or not enough skill to catch us, same like in the good old days, when island harbor or hat island was a freetown. 

@Pit Pinsel sad that you don't have time to show this former clan leader of yours who rules the open sea. 

Last time we met, three PGP guys in Hercs did not dare fighting an Essex and a Herc and kept hiding in Salinas Point. That was pre Herc nerf. But keep killing the clueless. Like a true frenchman you will run from any enemy who could only be close to your skill level. I'm glad you found ships that suit your playstyle. I'm also happy to differ from you in this regard. Diversity is always something worth supporting. Happy clubbing o7

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29 minutes ago, Phaserburn said:

BTW, how do you have triple planking? Hacks?

Legacy ship from the last big shipwipe. They gave out free Surprise, Indefatigables, Trader Brigs, and Pickles to every player. Each one had a default wood combination. For some reason, they still get that extra wood type and bonus, even if you redeemed them later as something else (which you couldn't do at the time they gave them to us, but could if you waited till they changed the process of redeeming ships). So you'll see (respectively) an extra /Cedar /WO /Cedar /WO  on those ships sometimes.


I've got a LO/WO/WO Indefatigable that is fun in small fleet battles. And a Teak/Cedar/Cedar Surprise that would be useful if it didn't have paper masts.....


No Pirate Hax this time :P

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5 hours ago, --Privateer-- said:


Nice challenging battle @--Privateer--  o7. At the beginning, I still thought oh my god the poorest 5 against you, at the end after about 60 minutes I felt sorry for myself 🙂
 Exciting battle, gratz (strange was only that I got after many hits only 3 XP ) 

Sorry for Google Translate 🙂 

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