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Open World/Alternate Reality "War Between the States" Game?

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Good Afternoon!  After playing both Ultimate General games, I was wondering if the developers had given any thought to a more "open world/alternate reality" type game that covers the War Between the States time periods?  I am not talking anything to the extent of GTA or the Red Dead series (among others), but something similar.  I ask because, both games are awesome from a detailed standpoint so I feel like there is already a lot created that could be used in an open world/alternate reality game.

For example, in this regard, instead of having fixed battles that really took place, how about a game where you have to take/make your own path?  In other words, if I choose the Confederate side and one of the first battles is 1st Manassas.  If I win this battle, I could choose to march towards Washington City (talked about amongst leaders but did not happen) or recruit more troops in Virginia (and elsewhere) while setting up defensive positions in Virginia (which actually did happen).  Or another example would be that, as a Confederate, in 1863, if the game progresses as normal and I get to the Battle of Gettysburg and I win, I could have the option of marching towards south towards Washington City out of Pennsylvania or continue fighting elsewhere in the Northeast to continue to bring the Yankees out of Virginia.  Or, what if the Confederates had won at Vicksburg and maintained control of the whole Mississippi river?  Or, as the Union side, if they had won 2nd Manassas or the Battle of Fredericksburg?  I could go on and on.

I just feel like this game could be extremely popular with a "story-line" like this if one was created as, to my knowledge, nothing has been that covers the War Between the States time periods.  There have been ones that are similar/close but nothing to which covers the scale I am talking about.  I just feel like this would be great to see.

Any thoughts/feedback is welcomed.  Thanks!

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I realize would be a mammoth task.

But, (don't tell anyone). I have for the last 2 weeks been playing Naval Action. 

The open world is amazing !

Maybe in the future. when you have a free year or so. This could be achieved for UG.


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