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On 10/29/2018 at 11:40 AM, admin said:

We had recoil and we even had cloth sails in early stages - they work great for 1-5 ships in the battle. The problem with recoil is drawcalls and the requirement to allow 50 first rates be present in one instance (goal was replication of trafalgar). We do not discount the possibility to have the duke of kent some time in the future, but even without duke of kent the amount of possible guns recoiling is 7000 guns. To look good they must recoil separately creating lots of drawcalls. Batched recoil (all guns move at the same time looks worse than no recoil at all). 

Short answer - recoil for 7000 guns was too taxing when we made the decision - world improved a little bit but not so much to dedicate programming time to add recoils. 

I do not believe it @admin

Here is how to do it.

Add recoil guns animation only when in 'On board mode' Zoomed in (aiming mode) can look from side to side, but limited to 180 degree arc. Animate guns only inside 180 degree arc, boom Done. You do not see other ships guns recoil because you are locked in On board/aim camera. Smoke takes care of enemy ship animation -it's not needed. 

Add far zoom for ship and completely remove gun and sailors on ships when in 'zoom all the way out" mode. Your problem is your camera distance. 

Have 3 camera modes

1. On board - Animate guns , but control view point and animation at 180 degree arc. Do not animate anything else outside the arc.

2. Default what we have now, no animation. Medium zoom. 

3. Zoom out far enough to disable animations and moving sailors on board + reduce on board details. Make them small enough that they no longer needed. 

Hope I solved the long impossible animation problem.

Example of "far" zoom, you do not need sailors and gun animations, details at this range. 



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