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Comparing 2 games

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Log in into Black Desert online and log in into Naval Action and compare. 

BD Online login


Daily Activities

Seasonal Content


Seasonal Quests


Activity trackers


Market Alerts

War alerts

Naval Action login

Active chat


Need more content asap!


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BD online also has been out longer, has a bigger audience, a larger dev team...


But I wouldn't be true to my word without saying that I agree - which is why a number of folks have consistantly asked for more pve content, more varied pvp content (like fixing patrol zones), etc.

A fully release game with a large dev team versus an 'alpha' game with what. 3 guys? I'll give em some slack in this department.

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Just now, Wraith said:

Log into Albion Online:
Complete player production of all goods and items in game
Resource gathering (active time in game == goods available for trade/crafting)
Daily quests, activities, PvP events, RvR
Tiered PvE/PvP continuum

Log into Naval Action:

I mean yeah - like i said before - would love for more variety of pve and pvp content.

We don't really even have a fully built 'skeleton' of an MMO game.

We've got some of best the battle instanced action. Most other content is found wanting.

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1 minute ago, Wind said:

Numbers stay alive. Very big success. People are returning to do things. 

Yep, and again, i can only agree and say that I'd like it too.

I believe the new mission stuff they are working on is supposed to remedy some of this.

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Activity trackers?
Thinking that notifications and alerts make a game and comparing a small indie developer team with the BD developer (quarterly revenue 120 Billion korean won) is just stupid. 

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