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Struggling with Battle of Antietam as Conf.

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Okay, I'm not new to this, but for some reason no matter my strategy I am getting seriously beaten every time I try. To be fair I haven't played for a while, and not since the last official patch. I don't know if that is making the difference.

My basic strategy is to hold on to Dunker Church and then Sunken road and not lose 50% of my army, but I haven't managed so far. I play defensively, and try and use cover. But every battle I am seriously outnumbered. My last try, I upped my brigade size to 2000 men a piece which helped significantly. I had 52,000 men, but the Union had 92,000. I inflicted over 30,000 casualties but I could not hold on to any of the victory points other than Sharpsburg. However, I had lost over half my men, so I was defeated and sacked. The time prior I was using 1000 men max a brigade, and filled out my 3 corps where I could. I was up against 79,000 men at that point, but I was still spanked like a ginger step-child.

I'm wondering if I could forget the sunken road entirely, and focus on the church. Reason being, I'm not going to win this battle. but if I limit my casualties I could force a draw? I couild use the terrain better to my advantage than what the sunken road offers.

The other option maybe, is to use a much smaller army. Scaling etc. I just don't know what to do.


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