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AI revamp

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Everyone knows AI are super buffed with heavy shots, marines, barricades and so on. And we all understand that is for a simple reason, AI is a script not an AI.

It s quite convenient for carebears, however for anyone else it is plain boring and teach nothing.

What i suggest is a simple thing you may have heard of: openAI https://blog.openai.com/openai-five/

Maybe you heard of it maybe not :).

Basically it is a project implementing AI bots in games. At start the AI is terrible, but it has a learning curve.

For instance at the moment pro players on dota2 are being beat up by the open AI in 1v1. They are currently training a group of AI to play in a 5v5.

It is not doing as great in team as in solo but it is still learning.

What the open AI has brought is a completely different way to play compared to ingame AI and even to human gameplay. Humans are now copying open AI style!!


pretty sure it would be an interesting project for them due to the challenge of sails, angles and so on. And i am pretty sure it would change everything regarding AI.



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