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Little Cayman will open its docks to the public

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wasnt too bad.... though the smell of burnt paella lingers .. unlike  capt o7 who made a quick exit from the battle  and was last seen going over the horizon doing 22knts in a l ocean shouting  "

God save the KING         The Harbourmaster - LITTLE CAYMAN   It is hereby announced, that, once the port of LITTLE CAYMAN has been cleaned from the debris of t

I want to offer a fair solution for everybody to get teak and you guys turn this into a timer discussion. gg

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On 9/19/2018 at 4:45 PM, Hethwill the Harmless said:

Nah, it is "roleplay" man... you know... the kind the populace likes.

"let's all sit in port, pound our chests of how pro we are, shake hands and post random stuff in the national news"

@Hethwill the Harmless

I believe Batman is asking you to close this topic as its purpose has come to an end and has gone WAY off topic :) 

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