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Book: Fleet Tactics and Naval Operations 3rd Edition

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Book: Fleet Tactics and Naval Operations 3rd Edition


Capt. Wayne P. Hughes Jr., USN (Ret.) & RADM Robert Girrier USN (Ret.)

It’s a Blue & Gold Book part of the US Naval Institute Professional Library


June’18 GBP50.00 is not cheap


Qualify my view...

I’m a Civilian and Armchair Admiral at best. Players like @Sir R. Calder of Southwick would give a better professional view.



This book covers Battle tactics at sea from the Age of Fighting Sail to the present day. The focus or emphasis is the trends that changed through history and constants that haven’t (6 cornerstones). Covers large scale and small battles also. Then goes onto Coalitions, damage rates, UAVs and cyber warfare. Then interactions of command and control with information technology. With theories on future developments...

It is a very complex book indeed. However, unlike the Mahan Book uses older language the two authors here write cleanly and clear in method or concept. They expect you’ve read the previous chapter so moves at a good pace also. Explains clearly the fleet formations and how they came about in development. The flaws also like the British Admiralty leading up and including WWI.

By them using or focus on the constants and trends of the day it somehow makes it easier to understand. This is my opinion and was read start to finish in order.  Dropping into a chapter mid book I would think it wouldn’t deliver the results.

The later stages are very interesting and Clausewitz On War reminders with the politics playing a heavy influence down the military line.

I really enjoyed the read. Its expensive and probably not for all with only the early chapters covering the Age of Sail...



Norfolk nChance [ELITE]


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@Captain Jean-Luc Picard



This is Wayne Hughes above


It was recommended by @Sir R. Calder of Southwick

I was having trouble finding reference work how fleet composition came into been for my "Old Admiral Project". The end of the age of fighting sail to move into the Dreadnaught era or Mahan’s life span was brilliantly explained. This book delivers in its style of writing over Mahan’s work in my opinion.

The book then travels through WW1 & 2 to present day. The “Lawson Command & Control Cycle” was fine but he expands it into Enemy & Friendly C&C Cycles Operating Simultaneously in the same environment. Which was truly thought provoking.

Let me know what you think of it when you’ve read it...





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