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Possible Alt Farming


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Saw a curious sight outside Saint Mary's this evening.  An unknown pirate in an unknown clan sailing out towards a Prussian LGV refit just barely visible.  Pirate was what looked like a store bought reno and was sailing north towards Brunswick.  I attempted to follow but a clan mate was tagged outside port and I doubled back, so I only have speculation and no definitive proof.

name on the reno sailing out



A couple minutes later......


and he's Prussian too.....


I feel like the names and the circumstances are just a little too convenient.  I most certainly could be wrong, though I doubt it.  Worth a look I think.

@Hethwill the Harmless hopefully the ROVER minds sort this out 🙂


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1 hour ago, Christendom said:

what looked like a store bought reno

How can you distinguish a store bought ship from a crafted ship just by looking at it? :blink:

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