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We plan to restructure forums to make them more useful 



new sections will appear

  • Guilds and Clans
  • Technical support
  • Guide


Please provide ideas and suggestions on the optimal structure of forums and sub forums.

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If you are going to optimize the forums for guilds and clans, perhaps implement a way where each member can identify with their respective guild. Anyone who puts their clan tag/name will wait until the respective clan/guild leader confirms their membership.

So over the profile picture you would have:


-Guild Name-


The WoT clan system for example (clans that are connected to both the website/forums and the game itself) I believe would be nice. So if you get invited to a guild out of game, you are automatically invited in game and vice versa (For now it would just be for the forums)

And each clan/guild could have their own page for their own clan description and member lists, etc.

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Perhaps as a couple of sub forums that would cover issues specific to clans/groups.


Right now I can see 4 possible areas:

1. Area that allows for identification of the different clans/groups and their membership.

2. An area for suggestions for both clan in-game play as well as for out of game administration

3. An area for inter-clan-admin discussion

4. An area to schedule Clan v Clan battles/skirmishes


On the guide I think that most the obvious layout to me is by function.

My thoughts in no specific order of precedence:

  • Ships and capabilities
  • Specifics on Armaments
  • Basic sailing 101
  • Basic Shooting 101 
  • Recommendations Sailing Etiquette

Technical. I think the biggest help is a large FAQ area covering general issues of "How do I..." as well as issues specific to particular graphics cards/PC's.

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The communities are (will) be importants in the future and in this beta. Even if a lot of us, people from the whole world, can write English more or less fluently like your humble servant, I think we shoud have:

- a subsection in Naval Action named "Naval Action World communities" with subsubforums "Français", "Germans", "Spanish"... if the audience is here... including the actual Russian one

- or a complete restructuration (but slightly one) like this:


1. Naval Action

    > English community

    > Russian community

    > French community

    > German community

    > ...

2. Ultimate General: Gettysburg

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News and Annoucements


Testing Naval Action

  • Technical Problems and Questions (Payment, Key, Activation, Download, Login, Crashes, Disconnections, Freezes)
  • Guides
  • Sea Trials

Naval Action Development

  • General Discussions
  • Suggestions
  • History
  • Shipyard
  • Forum and Website


  • Guilds and Clans
  • Tavern
  • Tribunal

Other Languages

  • ...
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Par expérience, coller les autres communautés en bas de forum déconsidère leurs participations et leur implication, à moins d'être parfaitement anglophones et ainsi participer au "forum général".


By experience, put the other communities at the bottom of the forum sections can have a bad effect on their participations, except if they are fluent in English and so post mostly in the general forum, the English one.

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Suggestion: Separate the NA and UGG forums for the purposes of search and "new content" at least.    Or, make it visible in the lists of threads or posts which area the content comes from.


You can set up filter settings and read only forums interesting to you. 

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Specific language subforums are required, but they should serve as a secondary, mainly as a welcoming committee for new players in the circle of their language . The main discussions should remain where they are - on the English-language forum and Russian-speaking forum. We need one community.

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Assuming there are going to be EU and NA servers if not more I would like to see the guilds/community forums split as such. 


Makes recruitment and organization for guilds a lot easier if you know what servers (again, assuming we have NA and EU or more) they are going to be playing on.

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