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Caribbean Red Squadron (CRED)


CRED (pronounced "c-red", or "see red" if you prefer) is a band of private men of war operating under letters of marque and reprisal granted by His Britannic Majesty.


In game terms, we are a small friendly GB clan with a strong focus on PvP and RvR (i.e. port battles and related stuff).  We do not look down on players who prefer only to PvE (you bought the game - you are entitled to play it whatever way you want).  But if that is your thing, this clan is probably not for you.


This is a server that not only allows but actively promotes PvP.  So unless you never leave the capital zone, you may not have to look for PvP in order to get it.  Soon or later it will find you!


As a clan we try to do all the usual things to support our members and make their game experience as enjoyable as possible.  We provide access to ships, mods and books which a solo player might find difficult to obtain.  We replace ships lost in pursuit of clan objectives.  We offer advice on understanding the game mechanics, surviving in OW, and basically enjoying the game as much as its current unfinished state will let us.


So all the things that nearly all clans promise.  We just like to think we do it a bit better!


To be recruited to CRED, you must be prepared to abide by our four basic rules, which are that members must:-


1. Be mature both in attitude and age (over 18)

2. Treat other players with politeness and consideration

3. Have a basic understanding of English

4. Use TeamSpeak/Discord when asked (with working mic)


To progress to being a full member (officer) of the clan, members will need to demonstrate that they:-


5. Contribute to the material wellbeing of the clan

6. Have completed the in-game tutorial

7. Have achieved at least one solo PvP kill

8. Command the liking, respect and trust of existing full members


A happy and efficient ship - a very happy and a very efficient ship. Some of you might think I'm being a bit ambitious wanting both but in my experience you can't have one without the other. A ship can't be happy unless she's efficient and she certainly won't be efficient unless she's happy.

Captain Edward V. Kinross (from the movie "In Which We Serve" 1942)



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Update on voice comms
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"Privateers are not permitted, under peril, to fly any colours usually shown by the King's ships but to to fly a red Jack with the Union Jack described in the upper corner."

Well done with the custom flag.

May plunder be bountiful and casualties light.


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On ‎8‎/‎22‎/‎2018 at 5:23 PM, traitorous mctraitoro said:

definatly don't treat other players with politeness and consideration......

at least AusNorman doesn't anyway

should really update it


If you think you have a genuine grievance against AusNorman, perhaps you could try discussing it with him in private.  And if that won't work, I will be happy to talk to you about it in private.  Sniping at AusNorman here and in nation chat just makes you look like a troll.


I'm not saying you are a troll, but when you choose an in-game name of Baity Mcbait bait there's always a danger people might jump to that conclusion.

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23 hours ago, Sir John said:

(P.S. - I still owe you a bellona, rufus!  I'll get it to you soon)

Please don't worry about that any more mate - you repaid that debt when you saved me from Le Raf Boom outside Morro Chico.  That was a really nice thing to do given that I had just fought a pb against you! :)

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CRED has some places open for new members. All levels of experience considered but only fast learners accepted. If you want to be in a clan that really looks after its own, ask us for a sea-trial and you may be one of the lucky few!

Just mail me (Rufus Swipe) in-game if you are interested and we can fix up a time to chat on TS or Discord.

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