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Development plans for the H2 2018

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Hello captains. Here is a small update on the development plans for the next 6 months.  Dates are not final and might move around August: While we are are still working on the UI patch - we

conquest flag was active only for 1 hour. So you could not just take it and sail to another part of the map to capture the city.  Hostility mission design can be changed so they only are provided on

How did you get to the conlcusion that this is a good idea? Ship loss, using own ships with perhaps insane modded ships (elite upgrades, gold ships, ...), and big prizes Will lead to a lot o

23 minutes ago, Wraith said:

Unless you're characterizing RoE changes as "minor,"

No... No, no, no. Definitely not.

I was part of the campaign asking for short timers two years ago.

I dunno... I just don't want to be part of the pitchforks and torches gang whenever admin doesn't tell us EVERYTHING. Besides, he's said notes will come later. I'm fine with that, truly am... And I've been through this no info - plenty info quite a few times now.

I could document my NA time and thus my eligibility to comment and you could do the same. I mean prove by third party witnesses.

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I am playing PvP. I would also like to go and play PvE.

Would anyone please tell me, if I put in a player name and nation in PvE, will I lose my name and nation in PvP? Or, will I have two different names and nations (or the same), one in PvP and one in PvE?

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