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Original player
Ping of Pings

Two other players
Ping of Tings - not against the rules 
Ping of  Pings - could create confusion and can count as impersonation.  

We plan to prohibit using double spacebar in names (wont allow to create such names). 
We plan to rename players created specifically to create confusion and trolling (if real evidence is provided by form of chat logs or videos that the name is created to troll you on purpose).

The reason for hard evidence is needed is the following. 
"My name is JackSperow733 - please remove these players JackSparrow and Jack Sparrow because i want this name for myself" 
We get a lot of requests like this, and cannot realistically address this issue. Thus Ping of Tings or King of Frowns will not be renamed because an average adult can understand that Ping of Tings is different from Ping of Pings. 

Long story short
The player King of  Crowns (with two spaces) will be renamed

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