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Golden L'Ocean Very Cramped - Auction

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Polish Shipyards are proud to present amazing ship of the line - Golden 5/5 - LO/WO - Very Cramped - L'Ocean.

With 1210 Crew on board, L'Ocean is able to sail with all cannons manned up, and with crew to spare!
With frame build from Live Oak, and White Oak used for internal planking, this is toughest ship You'll be ever able to sail!

Ship is available to buy, with delivery possible to Tumbado, La Mona, or La Tortue.

Starting price: 20,000,000 GOLD

If You want to bid the ship, reply in this topic with Your offer!

Auction ends with Monday's Maintance


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RNG just really hates me.  I have way over a couple hundred ships built since the new crafting ship mechanics and I have yet to get one single gold ship.  I gotten 6 purple ships and that is it.   Don't know what you guys do to get so many freaking gold ships but ya'll need to spread the knowledge lol.


I think it's just pay back from when they had that bad patch and I made over two dozen gold ships before they hot patched it....lol

Well hope some one buys it, there is enough gold rich folks out there that has plenty of money, but not this guy (I don't do trade runs.)

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