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Vessel Identification (System)

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My Curiosity almost killed the Prey; next time it will.

below occurred 1400Z (Server Time) 02 Aug 18 (021400z7)

I was patrolling in a 3rd rate w Fleet..... Game Population was low.... along comes what I  I. D. as a Basic Cutter (Enemy Player/British).  I tagged said Basic Cutter; system informs me I have indeed tagged a Basic Cutter...drawn into Battle; Map indicates target as a Basic Cutter. I disengage and allow timer to count down and ESCAPE Battle. I drop the pick and wait to see what the Basic Cutter does. Basic Cutter sails for BANI. We are maybe 5k from BANI which is Swede and FLAGGED Swede on the MAP and only open to SWEDEN and Traders. Previous day BANI was open to all. Lo and behold.... said BASIC Cutter entered BANI...... ergo a T-Cutter.  Well Played Basic Cutter Captain well Played. I have no issue with his successful ruse.

My issue is that the System Identified the vessel in both cases as a BASIC Cutter.

Admittedly I have not payed much attention to Forums and I may have missed the subject issue(s).

I did report as a Bug (F11) 

Is this a bug or do I need to be merciless and sink all Cutters 😉

Oh ...fix the Requin pls Devs.... I have no issue with the speed of the vsl..... however if I ram /Tbone a Requin in my Bellona at 5-10 knots.....that Requin's crew should be eyeballing my barnacles on me belly and swimming w the fishes.

All...... Have a Great Navy Day!


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Ty sir for the Prompt Response. I thought I had taken a Screen shot.... But concur ...twas what I thought regarding a Basic Cutter...... not being able to drag into battle. Yet it was.... so SYS ID is incorrect .... could have / should have been a Basic Cutter .... the other point.... how does a British "Cutter" enter a Swede Port that is FLAGGED Swede.... 


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That is my Point. Twas not Identified as a T Cutter Cutter by the system it was a Basic Cutter(British) .......which should not have been given access to a Swede Port or allowed me to tag..... I understand traders can go anywhere only restriction is Shallow or Deep Water vsl vs port

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