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I knew I was going to have to start a fresh for sometime now.

But I’m pleased to have made it to Gettysburg.

But despite my recent wins at Fredericksburg, Stones River and Chancellorsville. The battles took a heavy toll on my army.

I’m left with just under 16000 men and 46 Guns. The nature of how the Gettysburg battle unfolds means I am unable to make any progress.

But I have really enjoyed the challenge. Playing on the middle level - BG - as the CSA.

My problems started early due to my lack of knowledge of how the Barracks worked. Looking to learn as I went along. Which led to my defeat.

On the battlefield I feel I did well.

Now with greater understanding of the game mechanics and especially the Barracks. I will be starting a fresh campaign.

I will continue on the middle leve as the CSA and trust the experience I have gained through wins, draws and losses will help me.

I feel I have an understanding of how the Barracks works. This should mean I can make it harder for the Union.

I’m already looking forward to it.

But for me this is still the best ACW computer game available. 

There May be some niggles in the game. I’m sure we would all like somethings changed.

Thanks to all those in the creation of UG.

Onwards and upwards 👍

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Sorry guys.

I have know idea why this has come up 🤔.

This was posted on the 21 July.

Which is when my 1st Campaign was stopped at Gettysburg.

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