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Jim Tiberius

Farewell from Jim

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Farewell guys!

It was a good ride, but life has to go on and one need to move forward.

Didn't have time to say good bye to all friends, since most were not online. Special thanks to the guys from clan NOT (Shakal and Ernesto) at Pirates and the French nation, all good mates! There are lots of good people in this game I wish you all the best, but I'm 44 years old and got a company to run.

Doesn't make sense to spend an addtional 1,000 hours in this game when I see the direction it's taking with the recent p2w content.

Take care and good winds Captains! 

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6 hours ago, Abram Svensson said:

Cya to the next big update o7


No you won't mate, I've removed the game from my library permanently on Steam and won't be buying it again.

It had to be this way, otherwyse I'm sure Hugo and the other guys from clan LAB at France would be able to convince me to get back. o7

Edited by Jim Tiberius

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