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STOP Trade Exploit

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Hello everyone,

(sorry for google traduction) french post here: 


I'm wondering about the speed of patches, patches and more.

I will not talk about the economic patch and simplification of the craft that is already almost 3 months late.

Neither problems of balance in the game especially with the shark and the Hercules (boats that I appreciate a lot), but destroy everything in their path.


I'm going to talk about the exploit of the moment which is the bottomless pit in Open Sea. How can a feature like this still be active without real feedback from developers?

So, yes, we can put 24 Indiaman in a lynx trader and do 100M or more on a day. But at what cost ?

-Do players experience (who works the day or who do not know the technique) who want to buy resources and when they arrive at the port they are empty because the glitchers have already been there?

-Have 500M on his account and buy everything, leave nothing to others?

-Take the urge to play the player who want to play normally and who are disillusioned to see that kikous breaks the system?

-Less selling of ship or upgrade because people are rich and suddenly no need to sell?

-Roll easily 24 indiaman live and white from New Orleans to Fort Royal and be quiet in resources?

-Less trader in circulation, less gank, well ok I will not complain, but the problem is there anyway.

-And I forget about it ....


The list of consequences of this fault is huge in the economy and balance of the game (in my opinion).


So yes I tested it's cool to do 1 trip to 10M or so. But personally no pleasure nor to play in these conditions nor to see xM on my account knowing that they have not been correctly earned.

You will tell me nothing compels me to do it? So personally I did it for testing and to simplify what I do in 4 trips in 1, it has not changed the resources I buy (when I can buy).

And still I took time before testing because sorry I do not spend my time exploiting the weaknesses of the game.


So how to adjust and correct the system?

In wipe:

-The gold naturally,

-The pvp mark also (avoid investment),

-The upgrade (avoid investment),

-All the materials white, live, teak, ... (avoid investment and less trader outstanding)

In fact, a total wipe risk will prove essential if the devs want to rebalance the game and correct this error.


So good a bug that lasts a day and exploit it ok. But 15 days or 1 month seriously !!! M **** e what!

Either we correct or disable the function.


In short, this is my opinion, which certainly will not be the taste of the player operators all day this BUG, but I'm not sure that the DEV realize the harm that it can do little.

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I have earned (a fair amount of) gold and marks in this game in the legitimate way, so - please - just wipe the gold and marks of the ones that have used that exploit, not mine!

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18 minutes ago, Brontes said:

Hello everyone,

(sorry for google traduction) french post here: 

Could you please send me a private forum message with the detailed description of bug/exploit?

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This bug is going to be fixed next big patch. We replied on July 13.
It does not really creates money from thin air (as you still have to buy goods), but it indeed allows you to get the gross margins faster and do it in ships everybody ignores. 
We are not worried about it because money and resources will be wiped on release of the game. So gains received right now have no long term influence on economy


On 7/24/2018 at 7:10 PM, Brontes said:


I will not talk about the economic patch and simplification of the craft that is already almost 3 months late.


Economic patch is not 3 months late. We never promise any dates

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