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Hi guys! I'm new to the forum. Enjoying my copy of the game, and a few confederate campaign play throughs. Since we're so indie, do we get any modding tools? Let me sell you something.


Confederate Victory scenarios are dumb. They focus on divided country scenarios or continued slavery. That's a pure Unionist perspective unawares. Neither slavery or division was the Southern Cause permanently. "Christianity would release the slaves outside of controversy" Robert e Lee, the Southern states are nearly at the starting point of the United States way of government such as the Articles of Confederation, while other states move away from the model.  I'd like a Southern Victory scenario in which the New United States intervenes in favor of the Kingdom of Korea in 1880. The King of Korea wanted alliance with America through the Presbyterian Church, in the form of European Powers who defend each other's Christian Kingdoms. Asian countries were highly regarded by the Confederacy as learned scholars capable of Biblical scholarship. One side is the King of Korea's American regiments and one side is Japanese.Old President Thomas Stonewall Jackson would lead the way with "Stonewall's Way" instead of President Grant. UG:CW might have intuitive modding? I would have a whole lot of historical based content that are pure Text replacements really, battle replacements, map replacement. Thanks for the game. Sic semper tyrannis.


J&P Rebalance Mod is interesting. Hex editor is completely within my ability, obviously. I can't find here information on the Format and Data location of the text files or for changing the main menu background.

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There are no built in modding tools, but it is possible to modify the game dll and assets file. At this time no one has figured out how to modify or create new battle maps. Significantly altering how existing battles work by changing victory conditions, reinforcement locations, etc is also not currently possible.

There are no text files for the game. Any changes you want to make would have to be fit into the assets file. I've never looked into changing the menu backgrounds so I'm not sure if that is possible.

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hey panda, thanks for info. Its hard to search for. Well, nice to meet everybody. Ya you know if campfire games said they were friends with Game-Labs maybe game-labs can get me unbanned, that is a weird CRAZY outfit, the War of Rights people are crazy. I'm banned and the admins swear they don't let back anybody banned say one word on Nazis or just information scholarship, you know?I'm not playing their game, simple, 2nd class citizen player.

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1st Vermont made more sense...

Ok, look. I wrote A LOT about the causes of the war already...I don't really want to again. Just pop my name in the search bar lol. 

Fundementally, the war was totally over the issue of slavery. Jefferson Davis stated this in no uncertain terms in several speeches, most notably his 1860 speech in Vicksburg, where he delcared that if the Yankee hordes wished to abolish slavery he would, "accept the God of Battle upon this very spot." Alexander Stephens, Vice-President of the Confederacy declared slavery to be the "foundation, the cornerstone of our nation" founded upon the "ethical, philosophical and moral truth" of the white man's superiority to the black man. Every Ordinance of Secession written by every citizen state declared the cause of secession to be the unwarranted "aggression" of Northern states against the institution of slavery. Countless Confederate soldiers wrote of the horrors of Abolition in their letters justifying their continued service. 

Lee does not represent the Confederacy, indeed, he was a reluctant Rebel. However, when he stated that Christianity would end slavery, he did so to discredit Abolitionism, and state why the government should not take action against slavery. This is not exactly anti-slavery. There were one or two Confederate Generals who were unsure about slavery, one thinks of Richard Herron Anderson, for example. Lee is hardly the best example of this. Even if Lee were an Abolitionist, it would not change the causes for Secession thus indicated. 

No idea why the Confederates would intervene in Korea. Confederate racial ideology looked down upon the "Oriental race."  Realistically, the Confederacy would have achieved victory via prolongation of the war (not the conquest of Washington, which I agree is not a historically accurate conclusion to the game). If the French were still actively attempting to suppress Benito Juarez in Mexico, the Confederacy would likely have intervened in favour of Napoleon III, and then annexed large portions of Mexico's fertile ground for the Confederacy, and the expansion of slavery. After this, Cuba would likely have been the next target. 

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