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We are recruiting,

We operate mainly from Kingston Port Royale. We do Fleet missions, OW PvE and PvP, Port Battles, Trade Runs, Craft Ships. We have many experienced players willing to share knowledge, helping you to level up.  If you have mature nature,  looking to have some fun in a respectful manner and without pressure, you can knock our door,

You are welcome.

Now please read below;



Dear Captains,

There is only one rule in BCC:  Teamspeak.

We ask you to join our Teamspeak and be polite. We are mostly adults and we treat all of you same way and we expect you to treat other players with respect.

We have a few thing to offer:

  1. We will build all ships for clan mates. You have to deliver only the ship permit.
  2. We deliver all consumables: rum, hull and rig repairs.
  3. We will help you to level up.
  4. We are willing to help you as much as possible with all other issues if you may need it.

What you may offer us if you like:

  1. Join us on teamspeak on voice378.ismett.de and talk to us.
  2. Help improving our clan.
  3. Supplying resources.
  4. Help to craft by supplying hours and craft components.
  5. Join port battles and do PvP.


You  can Contact us in game: Felix Victor, Pompeyck, Captain Woodpecker, AeRoTR, Yellow Allien, Bandy.

nation teamspeak:

website: https://bccnavalaction.wordpress.com/

forum: http://bccnavalaction.freeforums.net/

application: http://bccnavalaction.freeforums.net/board/7/application

bcc discord: BCC (British Captain's Club) https://discord.gg/EkKgPMF

BONUS Training Tutorials and Guides: https://bccnavalaction.freeforums.net/board/20/naval-action-guides

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teamspeak change
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37 minutes ago, Liq said:

Good luck, would be Nice to see GB rise again and become a powerhouse as it used to be 2 years ago 😊

Agreed, rather than the whimp of the server as it is atm.. @AeRoTR Good luck in the efforts!

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On 7/18/2018 at 11:44 AM, Liq said:

Good luck, would be Nice to see GB rise again and become a powerhouse as it used to be 2 years ago 😊

Thx Liq, we are more of a training clan which we train new guys about this game :) We try to help them, show ways to survive, to stay alive and to prosper in this eco system. We give funds, we give ships, we give everything we can. At some point they will be leaving, looking for PVP etc. in more pvp oriented clans or other nations.

And after some time, they may be returning to us, because they miss the friendship, they miss the stupid fleet missions which becomes more of a talk show, stand up comedy for all of us, while laughing hard with tears, we try sink the stupid ai :)

We have great guys who contributed to this game, existed from the very begining, like some tools for community, like epic traders who hit billion gold (after that game bugged and they started to go negative, fixed by devs). They can find everyway to earn that big profit, they invent the meta, and it gets spread out to most people, they find the next one afterwards :), so we have it all, just missing numbers. And yes we do the pvp, I still remember fighting against you with my other mates while you were dancing in your belle poule in circles around 4 of us in snows, cerberuses. I guess it was the most entertaining times for me in this game, which was the pure pvp. 

For me BCC is a great clan, we have players from 17 years old up to 74 years old. The backbone of the clan are the mature guys with ages above 35 .

BCC is formed by gamers who has witnessed the gaming history from the begining, experienced in structure, organisation, great experience in many other competetive games etc. Only problem is to be a competetive and game changing clan, that BCC is missing, is the TIME. As we are grown ups with family, work and life out of gaming, it is currently impossible for us to make BRITIAN great again :)

So I guess BCC will continue to be the PURE FUN, NO PRESSURE clan, preserving the mature backbone of players who will be helping the inexperienced NAVAL ACTION travellers to find their way in this game universe.

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