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How is Damage Calculated?


Please can you help me understand what damage is calculated by, could someone help me know it, because what I see the damage between a 24pd and 42pd cannon is only 5 base damage between but it feels much hurt when you hit the enemy ship with it.

May someone show me what it makes so different when shot?

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That is per cannon ball and it's the base damage so it can be a bit more or less per cannon ball and remember it's per ball that hits.  You make that 25 cannons your now doing 125 more damage per broad side than the other cannons.  Also there is such thing as over pen too where you can over pen and do damage to structure and even the other side which happens more in the larger calibers.

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4 minutes ago, Angelo Morosini said:

So big balls don't do much extra damage more than small balls?

correct, but big balls penetrate better (thats what she said?), from more off-ish angles and from further away. 


42 pdr longs will pen a lineship from quite a range, whereas 24 pounders won't pen. at all, and thus won't deal any damage.

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1 minute ago, Angelo Morosini said:

But you use the smallest ball you can for the best DPS, if angle is good?

Thank you for answers friends. 

if you know your smaller guns won't penetrate, and only your largest ones will, it makes sense to disable all guns except the largest ones and only shoot that deck. (f1, f2, f3 etc).

I tend to use smaller calibre guns on frigates (12 pdr instead of 18 pdr on the trinc) because of better dps

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OK read this, the chapter you want is

The Ron Jeremy Guide to Penetration and Thickness

This although based on NA-L works the same way. The [CTRL]+L no longer works in NA-OW but angles count. Do the "Internal Door" exercise to ram it home in the following chapter.

above comments all good as well



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