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"Sandbox" Training Room

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I have a suggestion to enhance Tutorials and help players skilling up.

Implement a seperate battle scenario accessible from Port UI, like the tutorials. Call it like "Training Room". Players who get in there can chosse what ship they want to sail themselves (type, wood mix, long, medium or carro equipped, maybe even upgrade and knowledge selectable, for testing) and what enemy ships they want to encounter (ship type only, random layout). All in sandbox mode without effects on the rest of the game...

So if a Player wants to check out if he can defeat a santi with a Fir/Fir Ingermanland, let him do. After that, he may want to check out if a Fir/Sabicu Ingermanland does a better job. If one player wants to show his mate some tactics: let them go into training room and sail there together. Let them do. It has no consequences... Gold, XP, Marks, ships... nothing gained or lost. Just training.

I think this would be very helpful for newer or casual players to get into the game.

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A training room will help a great deal training people to sail and cooperate together in battle. It will also help train new battle callers.

   I already know the gankers  and Devs response. That is what fleet battles are for. Of course the problem with that is enemy players jumping into your battle.

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