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Tabular Port to Actual Port

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I’m sure you dev’s are working on a nice new port interface but for the meantime I suggest…

Our own local “Instance” of the “Open World” for the background and ship/view selecting, station right in front of the harbour/port we've entered and maybe the camera station at the same open world entry point.

That is, our port will be an new instance of the open world with no other players, (local/private). You already have all the data or harbours/ports of the entire map to create every single harbour scene, you just need to create stand alone instance when the player enters port and overlay the UI.

No camera adjustments since the camera is already lock onto the ships and with the current camera players will have a 360 view (with no ship, camera lock onto the world entry point).

The ship to be stationary, like no forward or backwards movement/sailing but all other controls working, raising/lowing sails and canon firing so the players can inspect there ships, keep claim water, ship wave bobbing and rocking though.

And maybe alittle size adjustment of the UI, like reducing buttons and fonts by 30% to create more client area.

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