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"Louis Le Grand" French 50 gunner 1700s(?)

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So i came across this model exhibited in a French musuem. Paris if i am not mistaken. I couldn't find more information about armament etc so any help is welcome.

  1. gIMG_9030.jpg



Sources and more images:



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It's a model that was used at the time to teach officer students, not the model of an existing ship, so it is likely that you will not find much more information besides maybe some specialized model books. It's located in the Rochefort branch of the national maritime museum, where it was built and used, not in paris. I would just drop the rochefort branch an email if you want more info on the model itself if i were you.

Interestingly thought from a quick search it seem that instruction models distinguish themselves by their scale. Other french models of instructions in the french national museums of marine include Le Royal 1/12   Le Louis le grand 1/12, La Sultane 1/10  La coque de PIC 1/24,  le Dauphin Royal 1/24, Le Royal-Louis 1/18,  Le Duquesne 1/1O,  l'Océan 1/16ém, Le Dauphin Royal

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I very much doubt the marine royale would have named a meagre 50-gunner after Louis XIV. All the other 'royal' ships were vaisseaux de 1er ordre.

So it´s very probable that it´s just a model with no full-size counterpart.

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On 6 juillet 2018 at 11:23 AM, Captain Jean-Luc Picard said:

It's located in the Rochefort branch of the national maritime museum

If this model is at NMM Rochefort, it is not visible. I have never seen Rochefort. The photo is taken in Paris. Maybe the model is now in the reserves of the museum Rochefort (???)


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If we're considering French 50-60 gun ships of this time period, Le Fleuron should be it. A much more impressive ship, with her famous reputation for speed. Could be an interesting addition to the lineup as a smaller, faster but perhaps less maneuverable Wappen.

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