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1 hour ago, Anolytic said:

consider carefully wether to stick with the impossible nations or not

The more nations and flags, the better. Still waiting for the Portuguese...

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On 11/7/2018 at 8:22 PM, Anolytic said:

There is a danish flag with the monogram of Christian V, the king of Denmark until 1699. Is this even within the game period? Why do we not get the flag with the monogram of Christian VII, the (mad) king after which the flagship in-game was named and who reigned 1766-1808, smack in the middle of the game period.



More flags will be added in the future. Including the mad king flag :) - thanks for suggestion - keep them coming

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1 hour ago, admin said:

More flags will be added in the future. Including the mad king flag :) - thanks for suggestion - keep them coming


I'm certain you've looked at these already, but there are some that I think might be worth including for Russia (marked in red):



My Russian is non-existant, so they might not be totally off, but as I understood it, the top row of both pictures show actual flags and ensigns, while the other ones are all just signal flags.

Source btw is Книга Устав морской о всем что касается доброму управлению, в бытности флота на море by Peter the Great.  Pages 309 and 311 of the scans kept by the Presidential Library: https://www.prlib.ru/item/336980

Some other flags drawings and flags:

admiral1709.gif.e7b04f88f20d41d79ae2cbd102759599.gifbredn2.gif.639ed1c90bd634d17d9e9c8d2f8c76f6.gifbredn1.gif.a5d483af20f1e3063a870c4a9b4aad34.gifori1.jpg.0ed7a7c9fbd541f07afbb56aa7512c34.jpg (this one is cool)


625887678_1712.jpg.1a8ff1679239928725c1e511951ee93c.jpgThis one, where the andrew's cross doesn't fill out the corners, I've seen this version pop up a lot.


Danish flags:

612597977_Danish-W-Indies_mint_142082_r_m(1).jpg.bfa82fb9fb1035bf667e9f975c6d2d9a.jpg135939992__57(2).thumb.JPG.cf67562671dc8ecc4007a5f356243750.JPG1989185379__57(1).thumb.JPG.bc445e662ae8ab96835f80e35a7b79ef.JPGI still can't figure out quite what kind of heraldic animals those are supposed to be. But they don't look like typical heraldic leopards (what we typically would call lions). I was thinking they might be foxes or mongoose, but I can't confirm this. I find no written sources so far that describe these flags of the Danish west indies.


The flag that you have included for the Danish West Indies looks to me more like what I've seen of the flag of the Danish East India trading company though. Here is another flag of Danish East India (Tranquebar). 


tl_slavehandel_01b_FortChristiansborg.jpg.a716c8d582ff9815ebf6bcae75de38f3.jpgChristiansborg on the coast of Ghana 

On 10/1/2018 at 10:54 AM, admin said:

Denmark used one flag consistently - but we can add some of the norway flag as well. 
Please if you have any great references for danish - norway naval flags from 1700 to 1840 periods -please post in this topic

The problem with the Norwegian flag, is that for as long as we were part of "Danmark-Norge" our flag was the Danish flag. Then we briefly had an adapted Danish flag with the Norwegian state lion/leopard with an axe (the flag you already included in your montage). After that Norway got it's own flag:


But this flag is technically a Swedish flag during this period, as we were forced into a union with Sweden.

For the longest period of Norway's union with Sweden, the flag was known as "sildesalaten" in Norwegian (herring salad). Though I think this was after 1844, so outside the scope in question.



For historical reasons the Swedish-Norwegian Union Flag ("Sildesalaten") could be included as a Swedish flag I guess. Though it would annoy me a lot seeing it flown from Swedish vessels. 

I would like to see the Norwegian flag that is similar to the current one as one of the Danish-Norwegian flags in-game, even though it would in some way defy logic, as it was not even invented yet while Norway was part of the union with Denmark.

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@admin for the nations that used square flags dedicated for merchant ships and pointy flags that were used for warships is this something you've thought about implementing?

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On ‎11‎/‎14‎/‎2018 at 10:46 PM, Sovereign said:

Still waiting for the Portuguese...

Yes... don't forget the Portuguese, the more the Nations the better. Then the Portuguese can play as Portuguese.

Perhaps the Baochuan in as DLC? That Beautiful gigant of a Chinese Treasuire Junk. A massive hulk indeed.


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