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As some of you may know my “army” is a tad small ! Approximately hovering round the 30,O00 mark. (This is following Fredericksburg)

My question is. 

Does the number of replacements I receive have a bearing  on my army strength. IE is the number of replacements only around the 7000 men due to the small size of my army. Would there be more replacements if army was larger. Or is the amount of replacements a fixed figure. Roughly.

Appricate any answers on this.

Thanks all.

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The battle reward numbers are fixed, though they can be increased by putting points into Politics. The reputation purchases are also fixed. Getting troops from captures/exchanges varies up to 1000, depending on how many troops you capture, but it's not 1-to-1 - you only need to capture about 600 men to get 1,000 back (I forget the exact numbers).

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You can also heal combat losses with "medicine." That means if you take 5,000 men of losses and have 10% Medicine, when you return to camp you will only have 4,500 actually missing, as 500 were returned to your brigades. There is an added bonus here as the folks that return to their brigades also bring the weapon they were carrying with them.

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