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"Pay to win"  

But he usually wins 😛

me: *attacks mercury* constitution: *jumps in to save it* me: I'm gonna do what's called a pro gamer move   some more battles:

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59 minutes ago, rediii said:

The wasa is only so commonly used atm because it is the biggest ship that doesn't require combat medals.

The 3rd rate/Bellona are still better (and faster) than the wasa

This, if you put 10 CM on the Wasa, everyone will switch to 3rd Rates

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This tag of my trader brig by a Trincomalee driven by SHOCK BARSSIK.  Whenever I get tagged, I fight as hard as I can.  I run with 18 lb carros and a couple repairs, have all 5 slots unlocked on both trade brig and trade snow.  I will do everything I can to get on your stern.  I have captured two Hercules, one with a t snow and one with a t brig. So if you happen to tag, and you see either Atreides or Vernius, prepare your stern.  People say I'm making it up, and I have no evidence.  But in this battle that lasted 7 minutes I was able to do some damage and took a screen shot for proof.  But I lost the engagement, after this screen I registered 2 more fires then stupidly hit G to board instead of just sit there.  Boarding happened, he won and*BLINK* back in port.  Anyone that knows him ask him to confirm my story.  I blotted out the roid powered spew of bile on my part.


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Everything you need to know about Russian Zerg, Russians learned to kill without going into battle. #RussianZergRuinTheGame


This post is just Russian propaganda, in order to justify the action of Russian zerg, we (the zerg) specially released this player from the battle 30 vs 1 without repairs and with 1% HP to make this screen. 

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2 hours ago, Staunberg said:

Well my friend. You are a Russian, but you are not a late joiner. Lots to say about you. But Zerg, think they have to send somebody ells to town. Only player I ever felt bad abouth ganking.

Thanks, i posted it just because people dont think and  just cry about zerg, yes Russia have zerg, but let's start use our brain before talking

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4 hours ago, Staunberg said:

We had Zerg Nations before, and ppl found a way. Somehow it is just different this time. Really think it has less to do with the Russians, and more to do with how the games work.

Before Nations would join up and multiflip the Zerg, help screening and so on. Even in the pz ppl would join up to fight the zerg. The zerg would cry on forum abouth it. Think this time the zerg would cry less if, it should happend. Just dont think it will. Something have changed in ppl’s mindset. We just got a game where ppl have given up.(few in each nation hasen’t), so we just ended up here, and honnestly can’t see a way to change it.


I hope the next zerg will not be in RE. I'd love to find a way for fight :) 

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12 hours ago, Nick the cursed said:


Was hard for both of us... Errr first VP that sunk my Privateer...  Fun battle BTW!

Ahoy, nice fight, was a lot of fun, thanks for accepting the challenge! I'm Die Antwoord in game!

It was legit my first PVP encounter since I came back to the game after 3 years. I expected to have more issues keeping you off my stern, you def had the manoeuvring higher ground.

You took out my stern carros and 5/10 carros on each side, hehe.

A+ le cousin.

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