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Currently putting 6 guns of different caliber in their slots is quite tiresome experience, so is keeping guns of 8 different sizes in a warehouse.

It would be great to have an option of crafting just a ship, or a ship already equipped with guns. If you craft with guns, a ship could have a preset build (longs, carros or meds) already filled in.

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Clan warehouse is great place to store them but as you said it takes up space, wonder if we could maybe get a gun locker/armory that can hold crafted cannons on a player or even clan level.   I would like to see something more like this than just an auto craft cannons for a ship.  

Also 2lbrs need to be added to the craftable list for players.  Even though cheaper than dirt but why would I buy them from the shop when I should be able to just craft them.

Workshop should also be used for only doing other things like Mods and such than just cannons, give it more a reason to own one than just cannons.  This will also limit folks jumping into a port, buying rare mats and making the mod and than just teleporting out in the captain chest.  They have to actually have a workshop in that port to convert them to Mods.  Than later rare/special cannos mods can be crafted also in the workshop if we over can craft Poods or Bronze cannons.

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