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Pellew - Falmouth Pilot Cutter

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There's a project going on right now where they are remaking a Falmouth Pilot cutter at the Rhonda Mary Shipyard, owned by the Rhonda Mary Trust, a charity which specialises in teaching historic maritime skills to young people in Cornwall, UK. The shipyard is named after the famous ship of the same name, which they built a reconstruction of previously. The whole place is great little project making reconstructions of historic styles of vessels combining both traditional and modern methods of construction. I will leave a link below for anyone wishing to find out more, both the featured vessels are from outside of the NA timeline, with Rhonda Mary being a 1867 speed built trade schooner, whilst Pellew, named after the famous Cornish-man Edward Pellew, who people may be familiar with from their Maritime history and the Pellew sights in the game, is based on the 1852 ship Vincent, one of the best documented and historic of the Falmouth cutters.




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