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Peter von Friedemach

Combat News & Player Names - sligthly Change

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Dear Devs!

May i suggest just a very slightly change in OW combat news?

Just replace the word "player" by the ship class of the boarded or sank ship and also show the ship class the winning player was in.
It might have two effects:
1. The message will appear a little more like gossip a seaman pics up in habours tavern or information given to a Capt'n by the Admirality.
2. Might be a little protection for the weaker player, cause the hunter will think about his reputation and image on the server.
He decides to be known as a trader killer and seal clubber or a hero of the seas sinking ships stronger than his own ...

"FGT2junkyass on Endymion sank British Basic Cutter near Belize"

"Charles Longsword on Pirate Frigate sank Spanish Bellona near La Habana"

By the way ... is somebody feeling the same i feel if you see the players name in the 1st exampla?.
Last pollish of this game should include more dicipline in characters names please!
This is an open word sand box game acting in 18th century and not a rap music contest.
Please give name rules fitting to the historic background we are playing in!
Every Name should be checked and confirmed by the Admins like it is in many other Multiplayer Online Games!

Please think about.

Best Regards

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I like your change to combat news and think it would be a good addition.

But players should be allowed to name themselves however they want, it may be the 18th century style game, but it is a game. I could think of quite a few players who do not have 18th century names and yet do not offend anyone and are perfectly fine.

If a player has a particular offensive name like "nazihitler" you can always report them and admin has been known to take action.


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Offensive names are not allowed in game. If you consider the name offensive please report it by F11. Or by reporting it from chat using report name function. 

Players using offensive names will be banned from chat and group functionality. 



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This is not a player name. It is an AI. Such a excellent little name. Also there's Vincent Price out there and some other nice easter egg types ;) 

Get back on the original suggestion and leave other non game subjects outside this forum please.

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