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I have followed with interest the discussion on "Single Shot" sinking and how experience may or may not contribute to the problem.

For me the XP is a very confusing and often misleading determination of combat experience and ability under fire.

For example, I currently have the rank of Captain (Post Captain) which means I have earned 10,000 XP and can manage 400 crew and sail a Trin.

About 80% of my XP comes from fishing, trading, exploring = 8000 XP

About 10% comes from Missions against AI = 1000 XP

About 10% comes from actual PvP combat = 1000 XP

So my conclusion is that I have only 2000 XP in actual combat (if you want to count the mission AI), a First Lieutenant rank and I should only be sailing 6th rates in combat.

I seems to me that OW sailing XP should be a separate ranking from a combat XP ranking.

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I agree with you 100% and suggested a better approach to this simple XP system long time ago. Please add suggestion tag to your post and tag admin, so they can see it.  There should be something like this:

Battle XP - Earned in Combat Only. Only lvls up Rank and provides rewards.

Midshipman  + Reward
Ensign  + Reward
Second Lieutenant   + Reward 
First Lieutenant  + Reward
Lieutenant Commander  + Reward 
Master and Commander  + Reward 
Post Captain    + Reward
Flag Captain   + Reward  
Commodore     + Reward
Rear Admiral + Reward

Reputation XP - XP from Missions for X nation. XP given after mission is complete. Only LvLs up reputation and opens new missions + rewards

Crafting XP - XP from Crafting and Manufacturing only. Only LvLs up crafting and opens up new abilities, bonuses and ships.

Misc XP - Fishing, Shipwrecks, etc... Only LvLs up Miscellaneous actions and provides new abilities, bonuses etc... 

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You are right and I have read some posts about that topic. There should be a difference in rank between the PvE + trading/fishing on the one side and the PvP on the other side. If you do many PvE this gives you no skill in PvP (I personaly think it makes a player even worse in PvP because he gets used to the stupid AI moves in PvE). So there should be a PvP and a PvE rank. This could solve many other issues. For example: There could be a relation between the PvP marks you get and the PvP rank to make sinking of new players less attractive and honour the difficulty of sinking players with a high PvP rank. The PvP rank could be done as reputation or medals shown behind the PvP rank.

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@Sir Bacon Naval Action Forum is the sewerage of the awesome ideas, all wasted, evaporated, flushed into the sewer. 

Let's wait for the next patch and see what is coming afterwards.

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