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Adjustments to allow players to create content

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One of the more disheartening things repeated throughout the forums is players complaining about lack of content in a sand box game. It's probably that most of them haven't actually played many or any sand box games before. In a sand box the Players are supposed to generate most of the content. Not the Devs.

The problems I see with this are as follows:

Players are to limited in their ability to shape the environment to create content.

Player generated content is centered to much on port conquest and little other means.

Port conquest often requires to many players to allow for smaller groups to shape the environment.

Dominance by select groups is to easily maintained. When the leaders of these groups decide to stop creating content, be it by alliances or otherwise just sitting stagnant, it is to difficult for lesser groups to replace them.  They can literally just log in to maintain their ports and otherwise not play.


Allow Econ to be used as a back door method to destabilize or flip ports, increase maintain costs or stifle tax collections.

Allow players a way to shift trade routes (ex: Parisian furniture) from always being the same ports.

Allow small group raids to have effects on ports be it stifling tax collections, increase maintain costs or shifting trade routes.

Allow player contracts for goods to be seen globally so Econ players can create valuable trade runs and less need for Alts.

Make screening an activity only declared allied nations can perform. It's rediculous for France to be fighting Prussia daily only to have France screen Prussia when it comes to port fights. There needs to be national consistency in who defends a port.

Increase maintenance costs on ports? Something to deter players from just sitting on the same ports and only logging in to defend them in PBs. There needs to be benefit for players that play every day creating content vs. those that don't.


Just thoughts


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in one word

Restrictions and denial 

don't want to be negative ,but a realistic thoughts should be brought in

the biggest fleet admiral of the nation with no perk can not tow/sail a vessel to port ! 

if you want to make a port  > the game < it  has no option to make a port ! (restriction)

to join a fight and you see that you are not participating in a game but a time capsule of the past ! you see the fight ,but , and - are denied from that fight 

a engine who is restricted and dictates the game > no flag on your ship >  is no ship 

sell a piece of wooden planks>  and find out you can not sell it  > the expiration for planks is 10-30 ? days and taken from the shelf and can not sell or buy it (database)

and i can go on and on but how great is that ?

it's still a game in development but the development time is restricted by the amount of developers - the content - balance and wrong decisions

to correct all of this, ....  it takes to much time,  the roadmap for this game was a flaw for the game to begin with 

to sum it up> at some point ,  it  isn't all that great. but at least it's a learning curve for development

the only thing what needs to be done is to correct all the flaws in this game and that is not a easy task .


to start you begin with a map with only water - start exploring if you want to make it historical

learn map making ,and building , to navigate with tools

 [lets destroy the fish,  i need the space] ??

this game is just like any other shooter- bang boem  and death...(or sunk is the better term)

its a run to the book of five rings..... boy oh boy how need., especially for the tiny dictators behind a rectangle screen (lol)

the ships are mighty to look at .... but that's it ...actually...

anyway the next week we have the long awaited UI lets take a bottle of rum and cheer ..it's a start of a new beginning.

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To add to it.

FFA pvp everywhere, anyone can attack anyone from any nation BUT there are consequences for attacking your own without justification afaik you turn pirate and get a bounty.

clan allies between different nations

clan hostilities within nations, where players can attack each other without risk of becoming a pirate.

hostile takeover of ports within your nation

tagging that pulls immediately when you touch another ship on OW for a physical presence to allow for blockading.

I wait patiently for more content!


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