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Ship value estimates

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I would like to know the estimated current values / prices in gold / PvP marks for the following ships:

Prince de Neufchatel, T/T, 5/5/Fast

Endymion, T/WO, 4/5/Fast

Trincomalee, T/T, 4/5/Very Fast

Bellona, T/WO, 4/5/Fast

L'Ocean, LO/WO, 5/5


Thank you captains o7

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If you don't have the blueprint get someone who has it to run you out a materials list.  Then do some math based on what it would cost you to get the resources.

This will give you a baseline production cost.  Twice production cost roughly accounts for the labor hours and amortization of a shipyard, which cost a minimum of 2.6M to get to an L3 building.  Much below 2X and the crafter is giving his stuff away.  But if the crafter has to buy labor hours and marks in the market the costs go up.  Way up.  You might be surprised by how much things actually cost to build.

But those bonus crafts you are asking about blow up the baselines. 

As Banished points out something is worth what an actual buyer is willing to pay for it.

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On 5/29/2018 at 9:35 AM, Otto Kohl said:

You cant afford.

I actually have those...

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