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Pirate Captain Tour Contest Win BIG!!!

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**** This contest is OVER ****

Pirate Captains Tour Contest

Ahoy Captains.  Headless Parrot here with another contest. You may have seen me running contests  within chat in game, but since this one is far more valuable, I'm announcing it here on the forums.

 If you're a Pirate and are a Raider rank or higher, you qualify to try and win the Pirate Captains Tour Contest. (Sponsored by "Parrot  Shipyards")

Win what you say? A Package worth an estimated   $ 20,000,000.00 (current shop value)

 If you are the first Pirate  to complete the tour, tasks and screenshot requirements - you will receive the following:

5 Million in Gold

 (or the equivalent post material wipe)


1 Bellona

(Teak/White Oak - Includes: Bridgetown refit/Copper Plating/British Rig - Long cannon)


1 Hercules Note

(Can be redeemed for the actual Ship)


1 Victory Mark

500 Hull Repairs

500 Rig Repairs

1000 Rum

10 Labor Contracts


So... How do  you  win this monster prize?


Please pay very close attention to the following Rules, Tasks and screenshot requirements.

1.  You must be a Pirate player with the rank of Raider or higher to participate in the challenge.

2.  The Pirate Captains Tour requires that the challenger visit all of the 13 Ports listed below (in any order) - in any 6th Rate or higher/(6 rate -1st) - while carrying 1 Oak log, 1 Fir log and 1 Mahogany log in the hold. 


Kingston Port Royal


El Rancho

Great Corn




La Mona

Rio Seco

San Marcos


Santa Fe



3.  You must use a 6th Rate ship or higher in the qualifying screenshot. When taking the screenshot, click to open the hold so that the 3 logs can clearly be seen in the screenshot.

The screenshot should include: You 6th rate or higher ship sitting in front of the port with the port name clearly seen in the background. The hold in the upper left of your screen should be opened to reveal the 3 logs within. Example below:





4. All 13 screenshots/Your entry must be posted all at one time - here in this forum thread. NO PARTIAL SUBMISSIONS! No submission is valid or declared the winner until after it has been reviewed for all requirements. The first Captain to submit all 13 qualified screenshots will win the Grand Prize Package. One winner only.              GOOD LUCK CAPTAINS!!!


****This contest is OVER **** and winner has received all prizes.

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While I agree real sailors carry more, the 1 of each was just an anti-cheat precaution against older screenshots. o7

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5 hours ago, --Privateer-- said:

Do fly by screenshots count? 20180528003901_1.thumb.jpg.e2e4f8e6502181dbbcc35262599c9c39.jpg

Yes as all requirements are met. You are at the port (even if cruising by) with the port name seen behind the ship, in the correct rate ship with the correct items in hold. Just remember, all 13 screenshots must be submitted together to count. Good luck!

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CONGRATULATIONS PRIVATEER!!!!!! You were the first Pirate to submit a complete 13 port entry. Your entry has been verified and meets all requirements. This contest is officially over. Privateer, please let me know when youre online so that I may give you your prizes. Also, please confirm that "Privateer" is your in game name. WELL DONE!

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