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Hello everyone,

When fighting in patrol orders forts still fire as if in normal battles. considering the fact that you cant leave patrol orders (or you need to wait 1 houre and 30 min) this could be abused quite well, certainly in the Nassau area. I dont know examples of it and dont want to accuse anyone, but if a Swedish player would sit at Nassau under a fort in a battle, the enemy has almost no chance killing him unless they bring a mortar brig in. 

Also, even if you joined on the Swedish side, you will still be attacked by the forts, so its kinda bugged.

So I think the forts and towers should be put off for the patrol orders, it doesnt really fit well with the thought of the patrol order anyways.

please share your thoughts

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Don't join fights near forts or such?  You also cause hostility while in them too, should that be removed?   Funny thing the last time Brits flips Harbor Island we are pretty sure most of the hostility was from folks jumping into the missions and getting killed thinking it was Patrol Zone battle.  They do not look the same by the way and just to let folks know Hostility Missions don't count towards Patrol Zone points.

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