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'HMS Guerriere' Ship that fought USS Constitution (Looking for Plans)

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It is not P.-A. Forfait which is the engineer of the frigate la Guerrière; it is the engineer J.-F. Lafosse. Not a drawings :(

Original name: la Guerrière
Laid down in 1798
Launched in?
Struck of the French lists in 1806
Place of building: Cherbourg
Other: taken by the English in 1806, put back into service under the name of HMS Guerrière

Length x Breadth x Depht in Hold
145 'x 36'10 "x 19' (pied du Roi)
Displacement: ?

Artillery of origin (1794 type, systhem of 1778):
1st deck - F'c'sl / Q'deck
28x18-pdr - 12x8-pdr + 4 howitzers of 36-pdr
Total: 44-guns
Broadside weight: 744-pdr (French-pdr)


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Unfortunately, there are no remaining plans of Guerrière as captured by the British or as fitted for British service. Guerrière would have been similar to the "frégate-bombardes" of the Romaine class as she was originally designed as one, but later altered to accommodate more gunports. See plans of the frégate-bombardes Désirée and Immortalité that might be available at collections.rmg.co.uk. Also, examine the plans of the Furieuse which, like the Guerriere, was altered after originally being designed as a frégate-bombarde. These would give you a good idea of the underwater lines and general shape of HMS Guerriere. Using plans of Armide, Impirieuse (ex Spanish Medea), Rhin, it's possible to see that there was a distinct fashion in how captured ships of around 1805 were fitted. Using their plans (which show very similar features)  it is possible to reconstruct the Head and stern features of HMS Guerriere. Consider reading Robert Gardiner's books The Heavy Frigate and Frigates of the Napoleonic Wars if the plans are not available online. 38-gun British ships were all given standardized spar dimensions.

Also, note that the model in the picture most likely depicts one of the 38-gun frigate classes as it appeared in the Peace of Amiens (circa 1802). By 1812, figureheads were reduced to busts, much of the decorative work removed and hulls painted with a white stripe (order of 1811 replaced yellow paint with white paint in British frigates). Constitution would have been painted very similarly to HMS Guerriere

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