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Idea is nice, however to avoid need of doing this, I think port should increase stability on it's own - even to 100% at maintenance downtime. It would be still nice to be able to supply port to raise it's stability in the same day when someone lowers it. Right now there's no way of doing it, which is a bit odd.

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I get your point but I think 1 day is so short term...

Just to clarify some details which have been asked in private:

- Each port has a quantity for offer and demands a quantity, for several products. So it is visible to any player. A port that demands 100 Wine, will only count 100 Wine delivered towards the effect, any surplus can be sold but counts for naught. Quota has been met already.

- Same with offer. Port NPC offer ( across the entire day ) is 1245 Cider, it will only count 1245 towards the effect. Even if a player brings 2000 units to sell there, the NPC produce is what counts. Players cannot spam.

Note: Only products that cannot be produced by players via buildings count.


P.S.- Opening post updated with clarifications.

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I think this has promise and I would enjoy seeing this added.

I would be concerned about the trading part, not that I disagree with it, but rather Traders do trading only where trading is profitable for them and for the risk involved. Would the trading requests within a region or port to port always be profitable for the trader in terms of both making money AND contributing to stability? Would the trading between these areas for stability growth be more or less profitable than a normal trade route?

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