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During my stay here I have managed round up a few players to ignore list. Made my play much more enjoyable, however..


Could we pls add that.... in addition to not seeing what "ignored" player is writing can we also please not see what other players write to "ignored" players.

It kinda feels half-ignored if i can see other's replies to them. If i have them on ignore list i have no interest in what they writing or what others are writing to them.


Nevermind actually, who cares.

Wish I could remove this post but I can't sorry!.

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It’s a nice idea - but how will you do that? I’m not sure how to filter the replies unless you refer to the “reply” function in chat? People generally only reply directly to the first sentence - I find it to be a good way of knowing that the reason for you only reading half a conversation is because the other part is being ignored.

perhaps leave this as an option to turn on/off?

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It would be to hard to filter out folks that talk to the ignored unless it's to them directly.  What I don't like about the ignore list is that the person you have on ignore can still see what your type.  I watched the other night two guys get into it, a clan mate was one of them and he put the other guy on ignore per request of me and just ignored the guy, but the other guy keep responding to every thing he typed to other players trying to egg him on and was getting more and more pissed cause he wasn't answering back (cause he had him on ignore couldn't see his comments).  Maybe ignore should work both ways neither party should be able to see what each other types.

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