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'General Pike' 24lb Guns Single deck Frigate, 1813

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Any more information or plans are welcome. This ship would be awesome in a group of 6 or more. 




She is very similar to this Danish frigate, just slightly longer (3 more guns).


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7 minutes ago, _Masterviolin said:

This is very interesting, something different from what we're all used to. I imagine she could be a fascinating addition to the pantheon of frigates as a sort of "heavy raider". 

She is single 24lb deck, if you form a group of these it will be so much fun. 



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2 hours ago, Oberon74 said:

Lol, I think the British 3 decker on Lake Ontario had the most significant effect!  But that would be a powerful 6th rate. It seems too small for a frigate

Yes, but for a short time as the HMS St. Lawrence was launched very late in the war and cost the British a lot of strategic resources to build. In the long term the logistics of keeping her in action may have been an issue. Both commanders on Lake Ontario were also very much like NA players - they needed overwhelming odds to come out and fight!!  Of course in NA she would have been chained and stern raked into submission by a swarm of smaller ships!!

As for the General Pike, she is certainly larger then some older ocean going frigates. Sure just looking at the number of guns she looks like a 6th rate post ship, but she is armed with 24 pdr long guns. Most frigate designs post war were going this way - a smaller number of higher caliber guns on a single deck.  Also at 900 tons and 149 ft on the gundeck she is the size of a British 38 gun frigate, for example the HMS Amazon was a 36 gun frigate built in 1795 with 26 18 pdrs on the gundeck. She was 142 ft on the gundeck and 925 tons. Another example is the Trincomalee which is 1000 tons and 150 ft on the gundeck. So definitely fine to class as a 5th rate frigate. Commander Yeo was certainly reluctant to fight Chauncey and the Pike, which is why he needed to build an SOL on a lake.

Great ship to have but I think a lot of people want to see other nations, like the Dutch represented with more ships.



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