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UI and AI Customizations Mod V1.5

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10 hours ago, statesrights said:

A quick question:  seems like all muskets and rifled-muskets now all have the same range (M1861 springfield before was 400 yards!).  Does this mod make all muskets the same?

No changes were made to weapon ranges in the mod, the tooltips were just updated to show the actual range of infantry weapons in game. Nearly all infantry weapons have a range of 300 for game balance reasons.

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17 hours ago, rtello45 said:

Do all the mods have to be installed or are previous mods 1.1 -1.3 included in 1.4?

Only the latest needs to be installed. The old versions were for trying to support GoG versions before it got the 1.11 update.

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Updated to V1.5
- The tooltip in the top left of camp will now display Difficulty: Legendary when appropriate.
- Perk tooltips now properly display all bonuses the perk provides.
- Several perks had missing perk bonuses. Since additional bonuses cannot be added, minor stat increases have been replaced with the missing unique bonus.
- Endurance Course(all), Tactical Training, Short Range Training, Long Range Training, Sharpshooter(skirmishers), Horseback Riding, Cavalry Training, Reconnaissance Course(cavalry), Shock Cavalry are affected.
- Horseback Riding had it's unique bonus changed to Accuracy since the Endurance Training speed bonus applies to both mounted and unmounted units.

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