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J & P Rebalance Mod by JonnyH13 and Pandakraut 6/16/2021

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Gameplay Rebalance and Customizations created by JonnyH13 and Pandakraut 

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/NmHUGvq

6/16/2021 Updated to 

    Small patch for a critical bug plus a few balance changes

Bug Fixes
- Fix bug with detached skirmishers not having a parent unit present. Skirmisher will now shatter after a short time if parent is missing.
- Fixed issue around detached skirmishers that was decreasing performance.

Balance Changes:
- Volley duration increased for mounted units
- AI infantry's rotation speed is doubled as if running.
- Fix bug with cavalry rotation speed being higher than intended.
- Mounted Infantry range increase now only applies when dismounted.


All perks, weapons, career points, and combat elements have been rebalanced and expanded upon.  

Some examples include:

  • Some Career traits now give additional bonuses.
  • Weapons deal less damage than the base game but skilled troops with the right perks will make them significantly more effective.
  • Unit size caps have been increased for the player and the AI. The early game is now much harder on MG and Legendary.
  • Starting units and some rewards have been buffed and game timers increased.
  • A variety of UI updates have been made to display hidden stats and make firing arcs more visible.
  • Player Skirmisher AI has been updated so that they will no longer charge forward when they are blocked while under a direct attack order.

More details can be found in the changelog included in the zip folder.

Install Instructions: 

Download RebalanceModV1.25.1 and extract the zip folder into your Ultimate General Civil War_Data directory.  You will be prompted to overwrite Assembly-CSharp.dll and resources.assets

Uninstall Instructions:

Verify game files to restore the Assembly-CSharp.dll and resources.assets and delete Ultimate General Civil War_Data/Mod folder


Some general tips to get started.

  • Tactics that work in the base game may no longer work or will be less effective.
  • Do not over use your units.  Let them rest and recover condition otherwise they will suffer major combat debuffs and will be destroyed in short order.  
  • Perks are much more valuable now, get them as soon as you can.
  • Get a Major General to lead your corps as soon as you can.  
  • Melee is very important and deadly early on but do not rely on it.  Melee becomes less effective as you progress through the campaign.
  • Melee cavalry is good at cleaning up routing units, but charging units at full strength will result in high losses.
  • Early fortifications can provide decent cover bonuses, but their melee bonuses are worse than charging.
  • Muskets must get very close to deal decent damage, long range fire will be ineffective.
  • Artillery and skirmishers will be less effective until they have 1-2 stars. - Make sure to let your units rest, they will not perform well when tired.
  • Consider playing a difficulty lower than you normally would until you are used to how the mod works. Legendary, especially for the Union is currently extremely punishing.

Known issues:

  • Loss percentage on General's status panels display incorrectly in the intro missions.

Over the next few weeks (and maybe months) there will be periodic updates to the campaign.  These changes will drastically change how the battles play out such as the addition of more AI brigades and Player brigade limits.  Keep checking back here for updates.

Feedback will be appreciated.  Have fun!



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Top Posters In This Topic

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Gameplay Rebalance and Customizations created by JonnyH13 and Pandakraut Discord Link: https://discord.gg/NmHUGvq 6/16/2021 Updated to      Small patch for a critical bug pl

Gettysburg, Monocacy, Antietam, New Market - selected views: Gettysburg, First day position of Stone's Brigade at McPherson's Farm This would have been the view the advancing Confederates had

You can start with 7 training. This gives the union nearly 1 star recruits and the CSA ~1.5 star recruits. Though currently starting with econ and logistics and just buying cannon and fielding 24p and

Posted Images

Current List of mod features:

UI Changes
- Weapon tooltips have been updated to show a damage range instead of accuracy low, high, and base damage.
- All weapons now have a Range Damage Multiplier section which shows the modifier applied at short, medium, long, and max range. Cannon will also display the modifier at 100 range. These provide snapshots of how effective a given weapon is at various ranges.
- Weapon tooltips updated to display collateral radius and ammunition cost.
- Weapon range arc color changed to white to increase visibility
- Replaced corps name with hp display on the General Units stats panel. Value only updates on reselecting the general.
- Career point tooltips updated to display new bonuses when upgrading.
- Artillery will now display additional arcs for canister and shot range cutoffs.
- Fast forward x3 speed has been changed to x8.
- When a division commander is wounded or killed the popup message will notify you of the affected division.
- Updated terrain tooltips to show modded damage modifiers. These do not apply if in a fortification.
- Show warning message when artillery moves to complete attack order.
- Add cannon weight classification into weapon tooltip.

AI Changes
- Player Skirmisher and Infantry AI has been updated. If their target is blocked by a friendly unit they will not move and wait for their target to clear and then resume firing. If their target is blocked by an enemy unit they will not move and attempt to lock onto a new target. This is intended to prevent snipers from charging enemy units when their sight line is blocked after a direct attack order. Skirmishers will still sometimes acquire a target and not fire as before. If skirmishers with a direct attack order are charged they will not attempt to retreat so excessive attention is still needed. Hopefully this will make skirmishers slightly less frustrating to use.
- AI charge range reduced to around 600. This should prevent the AI from charging long distances and tiring themselves out. AI appears to charge as a group more now as a side effect.
- Player's Idle skirmishers will now fire at units in range even if they are hidden.
- The player's skirmishers on hold position will now fire at units in range when hidden without a direct fire order.
- Infantry units advancing through rivers or streams where they have very low cover should now finish crossing before opening fire in most cases.
- Larger units may appear to ignore the previous change if they are not completely in an area of low cover.
- AI can now scale to have a larger variety of weapons.
- AI Artillery should now try to approach closer to targets when limbered to better make use of shorter ranged artillery. This does not apply to the 10pdr Parrot or the Whitworth.
- Idle artillery will now prioritize targeting artillery if enemy units are not closer than 600 range. This affects the player's units as well.
- AI Charge logic updated to account for accuracy perks and modded damage bonuses from stats when determining relative unit strengths.
- Melee power bonus to saber cavalry to make the AI more willing to charge with them.
- AI units that take damage will gain a temporary bonus to spot to help the AI deal with taking fire from hidden units.
- Charge canceling when detaching skirmishers or entering/exiting fortifications should mostly not work anymore.
- Charge canceling when falling back is much less likely to work unless you have superior forces in the area.
- AI will be more likely to charge when another nearby AI unit is charging.

Career Point Changes
- Every point in training will increase rewarded recruits stats by 2. Max training discount is now 65%
- Every point in logistics will increase the stock of weapons by 25% after a major battle. Base amount of weapons is now 50% less with 0 points in Logistics.
- Logistics stock modifier is only half as effective for artillery. This is to reduce the ability of the player to stockpile heavy artillery early on in the campaign.
- Every point in reconnaissance will increase units spotting stat by 25. Generals and Supply units are excluded.
- At 3 points in recon, flanked and rear flanked hud popups will display for AI units.
- At 5 points in recon, brigade officer wounded or killed notifications will display for AI units.
- At 7 points in recon, division officer wounded or killed notifications will display for AI units.
- Politics and Economy now give increasing bonuses for each point. At 1 it is 3%, 2 is 7%, 3 is 12%, up to a max of 75%.
- Medicine now has a max of 33%
- Points in medicine now reduces officer wounding and death chances.
- Army Organization values changed. Max divisions is now 6. Max brigades per division is 5.
- Each point in Politics, Economy, AO, and logistics reduces the cost of refilling supply by 0.05
- Each point in AO and logistics allows an additional 5,000 supply to be brought into battle for each corps.

Officer Changes
- Promotion thresholds changed to reduce the availability of high level officers early on
    Captains 0-5xp
    Majors 5-10xp
    Lt Colonels 10-20xp
    Colonels 20-65xp
    BG 65-90xp
    MG 90-95xp
    LTG +95xp 
- Captains can now be assigned to any unit type
- Lt Colonels can now lead divisions
- Officers scale to be considerably more expensive now. These prices are affected by points in economy.
- Colonel and BG costs reduced on Colonel and BG difficulties.
- Brigade officers now gain a minimum of 1 xp per battle even if their unit's stats are maxed out.
- Brigade officer xp gain reduced by 20%.
- Corps and division officer xp gain increased by 40%.
- Officer wounding and death chances increased. Points in medicine now helps mitigate this.

Battle Mechanics Changes
- Fatigue and Stamina effects have been rebalanced. Units will be much less effective at lower levels of either.
- Maximum Morale is now tied to Condition with a maximum of 50% morale when exhausted.
- All unit stat gain experience rates decreased.
- Enabled recovery of weapons from captured units. Rates vary by difficulty. Colonel: .5 BG: .375 MG/Leg: .25
- General Units no longer ignore collateral damage.
- Artillery can now be captured in melee. Turning the captured cannon on the enemy is not possible however.
- Detached Skirmishers size has been reduced, they cannot be detached when a unit is within charge range, and they now have a several minute cooldown before they can be attached to the parent again. All player deployment sizes have been increased slightly to allow the player to bring their own dedicated skirmishers.
- Artillery now have slower speeds based on a weight system. 
- 6p and 12p howitzer are classified as light. 20p and Siege guns are classified as heavy. All others are classified as medium.
- Special modifiers have been rebalanced. 
    Reload rates greatly decreased while falling back
    Routing units melee damage greatly reduced
    Artillery will use canister and shell shot at longer ranges
    Melee Damage Increased significantly
    Units involved in melee with multiple enemy units will now have less of a penalty
    When a unit is wavering it will no longer stand in place firing sporadically. It will now attempt to retreat while firing. This displays as volley fire while retreating but the unit is under significant efficiency penalties so the fire will be less effective. Length of volley will depend on units efficiency.
- Size curves replaced for artillery, infantry, and skirmishers. Adding men now always results in a damage increase with diminishing returns.
- Increased the number of columns for skirmishers and infantry so that large units have narrower formations.
- Nearby units now cause increased morale regen by 5%. Up to 15% increase.
- Nearby routing units now cause decreased morale regen by 15% per unit. Up to 90% reduction.
- Artillery now has increased collateral damage
- Surrender checks can now occur if allied units that are not routing are nearby.
- Surrender probability now increases if an officer is wounded or has been replaced mid battle.
- Surrender probability now increases or decreases based on units current condition.
- Condition will now reset when morale and ammunition does. 
- Captures into recruits limit increased with diminishing returns past 1000.
- Ammunition resupply cost decreased for large artillery units.
- Updated terrain damage modifiers to apply and use modded values.
- The firearms and efficiency stats now apply more damage to ranged attacks.
- firearms now has a larger impact on reload rate, accuracy low and accuracy high.
- The efficiency stats now applies more damage to melee damage.
- 6 pounder and napoleon range curves switched.
- Units can no longer hold position if they are in contact with other friendly units.
- All units now have a stacking stealth penalty applied every time a unit fires within a short period.
- Weapon recovery from allied units has been decreased. Weapon return will be higher for any surviving men in allied units.
- Skirmisher melee damage reduced.
- General unit's speed decreased.
- Cavalry base speed increased.
- Captured supply recovery rate reduced to 25% to account for AI supply wagons having far more supply now.

Timer Changes
- Base game speed has been reduced and other values adjusted to match.
- All timers increased by 30% to account for speed and fatigue changes.
- Adjusted specific timers in numerous battles to account for the generic increase.

Campaign Changes
- AI minimum army size now scales up to 100k.
- Apply difficulty size factor to veteran reinforcement size on all difficulties.
- An additional career point is now awarded for winning Potomac Fort, Phillipi, Shiloh, Antietam, and Chickamauga.
- AI max unit sizes increased. Depending on difficulty, player army composition, and the battle it will be possible to encounter significantly larger AI units due to scaling. The early major battles and at least two later minor battles are now substantially more difficult on MG and Legendary.
- Scaling is now more responsive to the presence of very large units.
- Starting CSA recruit stats reduced slightly.

Camp Changes
- Player units max size increased. Efficiency penalties still exist but eventually adding more men overcomes the penalties.
- Veterans costs are 1.2x on Col/BG, 1.4x on MG, and 1.6x on Legendary.
- Unit stat growth rates decreased.
- Division officers now provide more command bonus than brigade officers. The total possible command bonus is unchanged.
- Minimum sell price of weapons is now $1.
- Player is now always charged to refill their supply wagons. Total amount is discount by 70% + an additional amount based on points in multiple career traits.
- Maximum amount of supply per wagon is now determined by AO and logistics.

Weapon Changes
- All weapons have been rebalanced and in many cases renamed. Updated descriptions and stats are viewable in game. Character limits are an issue so some names will be condensed.
- Rifle damage has been reduced, artillery damage has been increased.
- Damage starts off lower than in the base game. Perks have a very large impact on damage now.
- Weapon prices have increased.
- Muskets have shorter range, higher damage variance, and higher collateral radius than rifles. They experience considerably higher damage drop off at longer ranges.
- Cannon ranges have generally decreased.
- Cavalry need to be specialized for melee to be effective in that role.
- Skirmishers can now equip infantry weapons.
- Whitworth TS shop quantity decreased.
- Spencer carbine, Spencer, and Henry now have longer volley time and slower reload time. Base damage has been increased to account for the damage being spread out across a longer volley.

- All perks have been reworked. These apply to both the player and the AI.     
Battle Changes
- Potomac Fort and Phillipi units have been changed. The battles should generally now be easier than in the base game.
- Union Gunboats damage improved.
- Improved allied units in most battles where they are present.
Officer Replacement System
- When an officer is killed or wounded they will now be replaced by a new lower level officer. 
- If both officers survive the battle they will split experience gain for the battle. 
- If the replacement officer is killed or wounded they will be replaced by an officer of even lower rank.
- If a captain is killed no replacement will be generated.
- Replacement officers are not taken from the officer pool but will remain in command if they survive the battle.    

Variance Mode
- varianceMode config option added in Mod/AIConfigFile. This mode adds additional randomness to the AI and allied units attributes, size, equipped weapon. 
This can result in units gaining or losing a star. AI and allied units also have a chance to split into two units. 
Split units start at half the size of the original unit though on higher difficulties they can can grow larger. 
Depending on chance this mode can end up adding considerable difficulty to battles. 
It is intended to try and add some variety to battles so that the same old strategies can become more difficult or impossible to execute. 
Anytime the corps deployment screen is viewed or a battle is restarted everything is randomized again. 
Size changes but not unit splitting will be shown in the number of men/guns so they are less reliable for scaling manipulation with this mode enabled.
- Units can now only split once per battle on multi day battles.
- AI skirmishers more likely to improve weapons.
- AI Union artillery more likely to improve weapons.

Visual Changes - Thanks to Adishee
- Various improvements to artillery and projectile animations.

Bug Fixes
- Ammo count can no longer go negative.
- Prevent units from not firing when out of ammunition.    
- Supply wagons no longer take up a slot when reinforcing.
- All CSA deploy changes added from Customizations mod. Unlike the customizations mod, displayed brigade deploy numbers will not always be accurate, but at least the displayed number should show up.

Modded weapons -> base game template(for damage fall off curves).
1855 -> palmetto
musket -> farmer
Sharps -> Colt Revolving rifle
whitworth -> fayetteville
HF1855 -> Lorenz
Lorenz -> 1855
1863 -> 1861
1865 -> 1863
1861 -> HF1855
Sharps 1859 -> Sharps 1855
Merrill -> Sharps 1859
Tarpley -> CS1862
E1856 -> Hunter
Colt 1855 -> Sharps
DNC -> Whitworth

Modded(V1.24) Artillery Damage Fall off curves: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5h6mke4wu4n3vqw/ModdedArtilleryWeaponCurves.xlsx?dl=0


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Well this is great timing now that I`m just about done with my exams.

8 hours ago, JonnyH13 said:

Unit size caps have been increased for the player and the AI. The early game is now much harder on MG and Legendary. 

How does this work for AI scaling? Does this change the number of brigades the AI will bring to battle?

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@aileycc The number of AI brigades has not been changed, though we will be doing that in a future campaign rework. In the base game the AI units can only scale to a max size of 2950 for infantry. In the mod that max size has been increased so scaling is effectively not capped. This change mostly just impacts MG and Legendary currently, though if the player makes their army large enough it should also be possible to see units larger than 2950 on Brigadier General.

Our current expectation is that this will increase the difficulty but that a reasonable size(not minimum scaling) army can still get through the campaign on Legendary. There are 1-2 battles that are extreme edge cases which may have to be changed going forward.

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Since you made it possible to modify things in csv's pandakraut, would it be possible to export the unit cap value to a file as well? (csv, json, xml, yaml all is fine) I personally prefer playing smaller battles with smaller armies. I'm also under the impression the AI also performs better when it gets smaller brigades (but with more brigades) instead of larger ones.

Edited by limith
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Excited to try this (tho won't have much time for the next couple of months). Do you know where I would find the appropriate folder in which to install this on a Mac?  I know I've installed one of your mods before but I can't find the folder this time.

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@limith While technically possible, I'm currently overriding the unit size overrides in a method that get called very frequently. Putting a file read in there would likely cause performance issues. The good news is with a few exceptions you should be able to play without even noticing the increased sizes. If you keep your unit sizes small or even average you shouldn't even see over capped units before MG. On MG you will see a few slightly larger units on Shiloh and Bull Run because of the size of your allied units. Legendary will definitely have over capped units on those battles, but otherwise as long as you sustain a high enough kill ratio and keep your units small the scaling should still keep the AI units in your size range. 

Regarding Bull Run and Shiloh you can definitely get through though with 1k -1.5k units even on Legendary(maybe not union Shiloh Legendary still working on that myself). While your units will be much smaller than the over capped brigades (3.5k - 5k) with good positioning you can deal with them. The Legendary starts can be very punishing currently so if you are playing on that difficulty expect restarts. 

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@quicksabre Do these steps work for you?

1) In your Steam games list, right click Ultimate General: Civil War and select properties
2) Click on the Local Files tab in the window that opened updated
3) Then select the Browse Local Files option, this will open a window to the location the game is installed at
4) Extract the mod zip in the Ultimate General Civil War_Data directory

Otherwise I think this is the path? I don't have a mac to test on. /Users/(YOUR USERNAME HERE)/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/(NAME OF YOUR GAME FOLDER)/Ultimate General Civil War_data

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36 minutes ago, pandakraut said:

@quicksabre Do these steps work for you?

1) In your Steam games list, right click Ultimate General: Civil War and select properties
2) Click on the Local Files tab in the window that opened updated
3) Then select the Browse Local Files option, this will open a window to the location the game is installed at
4) Extract the mod zip in the Ultimate General Civil War_Data directory

Otherwise I think this is the path? I don't have a mac to test on. /Users/(YOUR USERNAME HERE)/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/(NAME OF YOUR GAME FOLDER)

Hey Pandakraut, do you have to follow the steps you listed above, or if you know where the files are store you can manually go there and replace the files by copy/paste? Because that is what I did.... although I have not tried a new campaign yet.

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1 hour ago, pandakraut said:

@quicksabre Do these steps work for you?

1) In your Steam games list, right click Ultimate General: Civil War and select properties
2) Click on the Local Files tab in the window that opened updated
3) Then select the Browse Local Files option, this will open a window to the location the game is installed at
4) Extract the mod zip in the Ultimate General Civil War_Data directory

Otherwise I think this is the path? I don't have a mac to test on. /Users/(YOUR USERNAME HERE)/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/(NAME OF YOUR GAME FOLDER)

I used those steps when I installed an earlier version of the mod and I remember it being pretty easy. That path is the one I tried first, but the only thing inside my UGCW folder is a folder called browser assets and the application itself. There is no directory called any variation of "data".

I also tried the save game location: /Users/(YOUR USERNAME HERE)/Library/Application Support/unity.Game Labs.Ultimate General Civil War but all that is in that folder are my save games and the game log.

I wasn't sure where else to look, and I don't remember how I did it last time.


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@i64man As long as the files end up in the right spot in the game install directory it should work. Extracting the zip in the data folder should put everything in the right place but if you prefer to move things manually it should work. Just make sure the Mod folder goes into the data directory. If you start the battle of phillipi check the tooltips, unit composition, and if units move noticeably faster in column to verify if everything is working.

@quicksabre You could try searching for resources.assets or Assembly-CSharp.dll and see if that leads you to the installation folder. Can you PM me a screenshot of the UGCW folder that you described?

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Thanks! Debating whether to finish my campaign (just to the peninsular campaign, but I don't have too much time to play so it represents a couple of weeks of play time for me), start a new one with the mod, or trying to port my game with the mod.

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You will probably find that some of your weapon and perk choices aren't what you might want with the mod, but there are no technical limitations preventing you from continuing your current campaign. You'll probably find that you have some advantages and some disadvantages from a new campaign, so I would go with whatever you feel is a better use of time.

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So when I try to play the mod, the battles won't start. If I click the "start" button on a custom battle, nothing happens. If I hit escape and try to return to the main menu, it gives me the quitting prompt but then nothing happens. If I try to start a new campaign, the briefing won't run. It seems to be related to the Assembly-CSharp.dll file. When I only replace the resources.assets file, the game runs fine and seems to exhibit some of the listed features (deadly melee, for one).


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I should clarify - All of the mod features seems to be working when I have the Assembly-CSharp.dll file installed. I can see the new tooltips for weapons, officers are more expensive, etc. It's just that the battles don't seem to run.

Should I maybe have replaced the whole "Managed" folder rather than just the one file?

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Only the Assembly-CSharp.dll should be changing in the managed folder. In the Ultimate General Civil War_data folder you only want to overwrite the resources.assets file and add the Mod folder. My best guess is that it can't find the unitModifers.csv and that is what is breaking the battle loads. Can you double check on that folder's location? You should probably see it right next to the Managed folder. 

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Hm... So my problem might be that there are two Managed folders and two Data folders. One of the data folders is UGCW/Data, the other is UGCW/Resources/Data. Both have a folder called "Managed" within them. In the first, this is the only item, so the second seems to be the one where I need to install it.

edit: removed screenshots to keep thread clean.



Edited by quicksabre
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The contents of the data folder in your first screenshot matches what I have in my data folder. The managed folder displayed in that screenshot right above the Mod folder would be were I would expect the dll to go. Sorry I'm not more help here, without a mac to test on I'm mostly just guessing.

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  • JonnyH13 changed the title to J & P Rebalance Mod by JonnyH13 and Pandakraut 6/16/2021

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